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What the media have said about us

We have a great relationship with the media and our products, website and Left-Handers Club are often featured in the press around the world. Here is a list of our most recent press coverage :-

Prima Baby - March 2006
"Investing in equipment like left-handed scissors is a good idea..."

ABC Surrey - Feb 2006
Helping the left-hander to write.

Manchester Evening News - Jan 2006
Wired world - your weekly guide to the internet

Dorking Advertiser - Jan 2006
Surrey Mirror - Jan 2006
Leatherhead Advertiser
- Jan 2006
New teaching aid launched for left-handed children.

Real Magazine - Jan 2006
Left is Right. "If you have a left handed child... help is now at hand"

BBC Radio 4 FM - Jan 2006

More or Less. " Is it really true that left-handed people die younger?"
Interview with Lauren Milsom from Anything Left-Handed

Times Educational Supplement - Jan 2006
Feature : Not Right. "Lauren Milsom, co-founder of the Left-Handers Club, the largest association of its kind in Europe, has been campaigning for left-handedness to be studied by all students enrolled on teacher-training courses...."

Yours Magazine - Jan 2006
"You can buy either straight or curved left-handed scissors from Anything Left-Handed... "

Families South East Magazine - Jan 2006
Left and Write. "... A new trio of colourful workbooks, Left Handed Writing Skills, helps parents and other adults to work with left-handed children ...."

Boys Toys - Jan 2006
"No, nothing to do with your political persuasion - if you have a lefty in your life you need to check out ......"

Andover Advertiser - Dec 2005
Surrey Comet - Dec 2005

.net Magazine - Dec 2005
20 Ways to Boost Christmas Sales. "...make sure that your home page has direct links to the gift sections so they are picked up quickly by the spiders.... says Keith Milsom, MD of"

Woman's Weekly - Dec 2005
Dear Mary. "...these days teachers know it's fine to be left-handed and won't try to make anyone change. And there are also products forleft-handed people to make life easier. Call Anything Left-Handed .... It's interesting to know that left-handed people are often exceptionally artistic ..."

News Letter (Northern Ireland) - Dec 2005
Sunderland Echo - Dec 2005

She Magazine - Dec 2005
"Felco produce a left-handed version of its secateurs, and you can buy online at ... where you'll find plenty of other ideas for yourself or fellow left-handed friends."

Citizen (Bury St. Edmunds) - Nov 2005
Don't be left behind! "If someone in your family is left-handed, you can choose the perfect present from the new range of Left-Handers Gift Sets by specialist retailer Anything Left-Handed..."

Kilmarnock Standard - Nov 2005
"Make it easy for a left hander this Christmas with a super gift ..."

Inverness Courier - Nov 2005
"Great gifts for the lefty in your life..."

Workington Times & Star - Nov 2005

Daily Express - Nov 2005
"Q: Why are there no left-handed hockey sticks? A: According to those helpful people at Anything Left-Handed ..."

Keighley News - Nov 2005
"When left is right ..."

Peterborough Herald & Post - Nov 2005
Selby Star - Nov 2005
North Devon Journal - Nov 2005
Hillingdon& Uxbridge Times - Nov 2005
Peeblesshire News - Nov 2005
Darlington & StocktonTimes - Nov 2005

Royal Mail Smart Magazine - Autumn 2005
Feature : Scissor Happy - Specialist Retailer Anything Left-Handed uses business collections to pick up its best-selling items...."

Best Magazine - Oct 2005

Best Mum : 5 ways to help your little left-hander. "Anything Left-Handed has a wealth of useful info as well as more than 250 specially designed products ...."

The Field Magazine - Oct 2005 - Sept 2005

BBC Radio Solent - Sept 2005
Nick Girdler interview : "Lauren Milsom, owner of Anything Left-Handed, sells gadgets to make life easier ..."

Independent on Sunday (Sunday Review) - Sept 2005

SecEd (The Voice for Secondary Education) - Sep 05
Feature : Coming from Left Field

Time Out - Aug 2005
".... picking a few choice products from this store could make things easier for those who lean to the left in life ..."

The Lady - Aug 2005
Feature : When Left is All Right

BBC Radio Leeds - Aug 2005

BBC Radio Newcastle - Aug 2005

.....and some highlights from the British media showing the diversity of publications that cover the topic of left-handedness. - Click on the links to see the full scans of the articles below.


UK Online for Business - ALH win E-Commerce award
Practical Internet - How did they do that ?
Web Pages Made Easy - Web Chat with ALH
Real Magazine - Do employers consider their left-handed staff?
Essentials Magazine - Your Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide
No Kidding! - Why are some people left-handed...?
The Mirror - Britain's biggest left-handed gift specialist has gone online
Chat Magazine - Cyber diarist finds our site easy to use
My Weekly - Help is at hand
Family Circle - You'll find a huge range of left-handed items
The British Council - Innovation UK - Science, wealth and social well-being in Britain.
Cross Stitch - Left-handed stitchers will give a cheer when they see the new catalogue from Anything Left-Handed

UK Online for Business

We are very proud to announce that we won the London Regional Finals of the UK E-Commerce Awards 2002, for our web business - Organised by the UK Government initiative "UK online for business", the Awards are now in their fourth year and are designed to recognise and reward those organisations that have demonstrated excellence through the use of the Internet.

Two of our Directors, Keith Milsom and Denis Zekic proudly accepted the award and the £2,000 prize on 20th June at the awards ceremony held at The Globe Theatre, London. Our website was the winner in the Micro-Business category, for businesses with less than 10 staff, and recognised the huge impact that the Internet has had on the company's already well-established business.

Keith Milsom comments, "Our web site has allowed us to communicate with potential customers and market our business worldwide at very little cost, making international development possible."

Following our success at the Regional E-commerce Awards, Anything Left-Handed moved forward to the National Finals on 3rd July at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. To view the final winners please click here.

Practical Internet

Web Pages Made Easy

Real Magazine

Essentials Magazine

No Kidding!

The Mirror

Chat Magazine

My Weekly

Family Circle

The British Council - Innovation UK

Users responding to innovation
Users also need to become involved with the process of innovation in response to the development of new products. In the UK, the company Anything Left- Handed has helped one group of users - left-handed people - to put pressure on organisations to make their products safer and more comfortable to use. The company's efforts have resulted in: the modification of potentially dangerous hand- held power tools by a major manufacturer; the introduction of left- handed cheque books by some major banks in the UK, and the production of a training video for teachers and parents of left- handed children."

The British Council 2001 - Innovation UK, page 13

The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for education and cultural relations. Registered in England as a charity.

Cross Stitch



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