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In addition to log file analysis we monitor our site statistics using a web-based database package that builds the stats from actual page usage by our visitors. This allows us to group pages for analysis and look at conversion statistics, bounce rates, referral sources and a huge amount more that it is not easy to get from logfile analysis.

After doing a huge amount of work on log analysis over the past 3 years and trying out a lot of analysis packages, the one we have settled with is Index Tools. They have produced a useful report comparing web analytics with logfile analysis

Our overall conclusion is that to really understand what is going on with your site you need to have both, compare the results and understand what is causing the differences! Our recommended web analytics partner

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More information about Index Tools

Technology Overview

IndexTools uses a sophisticated, browser-based, tracking system to identify and track visitors through your website. With this system, IndexTools is able to identify details about your website visitors, where visitors go in your website, and what they do while in the website.

To install IndexTools, you add a JavaScript tracking code to each web page you wish to track, and upload a JavaScript include file to your web server. IndexTools generates a unique JavaScript tracking code and JavaScript include file for each project.



How IndexTools works:

A visitor loads a web page, which contains the IndexTools tracking script;

The tracking script gathers data about the web page and visitor and forwards this information to the IndexTools Data Center. Our application servers process this data and archive it in a central database;

You log in to IndexTools using a web browser and view your web performance reports in real-time.

Serving even the highest volume websites
IndexTools operates on a proprietary database back end, custom-designed for websites generating upwards of one hundred million page views per month. This technology allows us to comfortably serve even the most demanding, high volume clients.

On-demand tracking and reporting
IndexTools is an on-demand service, which means our servers perform all the tracking, data processing and reporting in real time – unlike conventional logfile analysis softwares which cannot. An additional advantage is you can log in and access your IndexTools reports from anywhere using a web browser.

No software to download, no upgrades

Since IndexTools is remotely hosted, there is no software to download or install. This means no wasted time setting up, maintaining or analyzing complex log files required by other web analytics services. Simply add our JavaScript tracking code to each page you wish to track. You do not need to hire additional staff to analyze log files or run software applications, because IndexTools does the work for you.

Which edition is right for you?
Which IndexTools edition you choose depends on the goals you set for your business. Compare and select the IndexTools edition that best suits your needs.

Plug-ins Enterprise E-Business Premium
Live Cost Analysis (optional)  
Path Explorer (optional)  
Advanced reporting features include Enterprise E-Business Premium
Real-time Segmentation    
Custom Reporting    
Comparative reporting
Advanced campaign management  
Ad-hoc scenarios    
Merchandise reporting  
Member ID tracking  
Multiple currency support  
Multi-level content grouping  
Standard reporting features include Enterprise E-Business Premium
Scenario Analysis  
Conversion Analysis  
Action / Revenue Tracking  
Visual Path Analysis  
Traffic Reporting
Search engine marketing reports
Trend reporting
Drilldown functionality
Bounce rate analysis
Download tracking
Exit link tracking
Document groups
Flash tracking
Secure content tracking (SSL)
User access management
Scheduled email reports
Exclude own visits
Edition pricing Enterprise E-Business Premium
Basic monthly subscription $899 $49,95 $19,95
Monthly traffic allowance (in page views)* 2 million 100,000 35,000

* If you expect your monthly traffic to exceed these limits, please contact us for a bulk discount

Switch to IndexTools traffic analysis now $7/mo!



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