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Planet Ocean
The unfair advantage book on
winning the search engine wars

We have read hundreds of books, e-books, newsletters and web sites plus attended conferences and straining sessions and this is the information source that is really the best. These guys have a business based solely on testing and analysing what works and what doesn't and they have put all the information into this book. This will be the best $97 you ever spend and it also includes a 6 month subscription to their monthly newsletter Search Engine News (we just renewed our subscription for the third year).

They guarantee you will more than get your money back in the six months or you can tell them "The Dog Ate It" and get a full refund - guarantees don't come much better than that.

Win the search engine wars Rated 'Best Publication On Search Engine Marketing' for Three Years Running! (02, 03, & 04)
Get the same book the pros have been using for the past NINE years to gain an Unfair Advantage in Winning the Search Engine Wars!
Updated every month – currently in version#103.

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Here's what you'll find inside The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engine Wars...

Chapter One

Domain Names, Titles and Keywords
  • Choosing The Right Domain Name
  • Getting Your Web Page Titles Right
  • Keyword Selection Strategies
  • Keyword Selection Resources
  • Keyword Relevancy Defined
  • Keyword Density Explained

Chapter Two

Meta TagsGet the real inside story on how to create useful meta tags that the engines respond to so you can stop wasting time on the ones they ignore. You'll learn the difference in just minutes.

Chapter Three

Tricks and IllusionsYou'll learn which of these strategies the engines love to hate, which ones actually work, and which ones should be avoided because they could get you into a LOT of trouble...
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Invisible or Semi-visible text
  • Pointer, Doorway and Hallway Pages
  • Redirect Pages
  • Numerical, & Alphabetical Order advantages
  • Turning Images From Liabilities to ASSETS
  • The Secret Of The Phantom Pixel
  • The ole "Bait and Switch" Technique
  • Cloaking vs. Content Delivery strategies
  • The Hidden Form Tag
  • Hidden Link tricks
  • The Site Map Strategy
  • Remote Files & CSS that improve rankings.

Chapter Four

How To Analyze Your Competition's Pages Before You Design Your Own so you can go-one-better and beat them in the rankings!

Chapter Five

How To Set Up Several Entrances To Your Internet Storefront as well as branch out to multiple online locations.

Chapter Six

The Three Most Critical Elements of Top Scoring Pages – Link Popularity, Page Reputation, and Page Importance. We'll show you how to strategically build these elements into your site and make your page-rankings soar.

Chapter Seven

The Major Search Engines And Their Order Of Importance. We'll show you where to focus your efforts and where not to waste your time.

We'll explain which engines are interrelated so that getting into one, gets you into the others. And, we'll explain the best strategy for getting your pages indexed which, by the way, is not directly submitting your pages! ...we'll show you a couple of much better, quicker, and safer ways to get listed rather than by submitting pages directly.

Chapter Eight

The latest and greatest strategies to use with each of the TOP SEVEN major engines
Google – Yahoo – MSN Search – Overture
DMOZ – Ask Jeeves – AOL Search

Chapter Nine

How to avoid search engine indexing problems that commonly occur with pages that use...
  • Flash
  • Frames
  • Javascript
  • or Dynamic (database driven) Generation

Chapter Ten

Indispensable Search Engine Tools. We'll reveal which tools WE use to simplify and quicken the process of analyzing, optimizing, and building our own top scoring web pages.

As you might expect after nine years as the industry standard, The Unfair Advantage Book's 142 pages are well written and will teach you every known trick and strategy for putting your site right where it belongs – at the top of the search engine listings for your keyword categories.

Click here to get the full information and order your copy now - you won't regret it!


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