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Search Engine Marketing
The essential best practice guide
by Mike Grehan

search engine book

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Search engines are one of the web's major resources for driving qualified traffic. Getting listed in a search engine index is not difficult. But getting that all important top 20 listing is a bit more tricky. Maybe you've been wondering how your competition manages to do it? Well, with this search engine marketing book, now you can find out.

By employing the knowledge and techniques used by the Web's leading professionals you'll see a dramatic improvement in your web site's visibility at search engines. Search Engine Marketing: The essential best practice guide, written is in its second edition. And when you download it, you'll begin to discover within minutes exactly how the leaders in the field achieve only top ranking results for their national and international clients. Not only that: you'll learn how it can be done in days - not months.

You'll be taken behind-the-scenes at search engines and directories to explain how they really work. By understanding how search engines and directories rank their results, you'll have a better understanding of what's required to make sure your site gets into those all important top 20 positions. It's a complicated process and each of the major search engines has its own special formula. Mike provides invaluable tips on how to develop, or re-engineer your web site based on this detailed background material.

search engine marketing, mike grehan

See below for testimonials about this book from some of the biggest players in the worldwide search industry

"Mike Grehan’s book is a solid resource. It is without reservation that I offer my endorsement of this first rate work of research into the art and science of Search Engine Optimization . I encourage novices and experts alike to sit with this guide and devour it, cover-to-cover. It is a spectacularly good book, an easy read, and endlessly valuable to anyone seeking to conduct a Search Engine Marketing campaign." Fredrick Marckini CEO, iProspect, Inc. Author, Search Engine Positioning .

"This is the single best publication about search engines that I have read, and I believe, that exists! Congratulations Mike, sincerely. With this, I believe you may have become the most influential writer in the SEO industry." Alexis D. Gutzman, Managing Editor, Reports, MarketingSherpa.

"There's no doubt in my mind that regardless of whether you're an SEO beginner or a seasoned SEO expert (or anywhere in between), you'll definitely get your money's worth when you purchase this report. Definitely!" Jill Whalen. High Rankings Advisor.

"Search Engine Marketing: The Essential Best Practice Guide" by Mike Grehan is a definitive work on search engine marketing practices. Although I've been in the industry over seven years myself and know a lot about history, trends, and best practices, I managed to learn a few things I didn't know before." Paul J. Bruemmer CEO Web Ignite.

"Mike Grehan has researched all aspects of this field and offers a plethora of in-depth information, much of which you won't find elsewhere. If you're serious about efficient search engine marketing, this is definitely the best book money can buy." Ralph Tegtmeier AKA fantomaster

"Having spent years researching, understanding and programming search engines, I rarely come across any document that doesn't fall for one of the numerous myths. It's a credit to Mike's style, research and dedication that he has avoided all such traps to provide us with an e-book of rare, true, valuable information that I could not fault or stop reading." Chris Ridings. Author: Google PageRank Explained.

If you only buy one book on search engine marketing, buy this one. Every SEO, from beginner to pro can learn from this thoroughly researched work. Read it from cover to cover, then read it again (you'll need to as it's very detailed and not the sort of
heard-it-all-before information that you'll find elsewhere on the web). Well done Mike, I endorse this book wholeheartedly.
Peter Da Vanzo - Search Engine Blog.

"The strength of Mike Grehan's guide is in its thorough research. 'How Search Engines Work' slices through the layers of idle speculation and myths and gets right to the heart of the matter." Andrew Goodman, author: 21 Ways to Maximize Your Profits on Google AdWords Select.

search engine marketing book


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