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You can submit your site pages manually to all the main engines or you can use some of the free submission services or there are plenty of sites that will do it for you if you pay them. We have got pretty good results by submitting to search engines ourselves, or even better getting them to come to us through incoming links and spider our site pages themselves.

Here are some of the main engines to submit to and there are links below to other sites providing more detailed listings.

Engine Provides results for Link Notes
Google AOL, AT&T Wireless, Palm, Nextel, Netscape, and more Free Google has an excellent crawler, just submit your home page, or your site map page and Google will crawl every link that it can find.
Web Search
MSN Search, HotBot , Overture , Looksmart , Anzwers, ICQ, Goo, Looksmart, and many more


Submitting your url directly to Yahoo will likely get your pages indexed IF you have some incoming links to the urls from sites already indexed in Yahoo

Here are some links to sites that provide a list of search engine submit page urls

Sloppycode Quite a big list of engines with direct links to their "Add URL" pages. Some of the links are broken now but still a useful site




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