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Profitable Internet Marketing

This set of 6 audio cassette tapes was what really got us started with developing our own web business and we recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about how to set up and market a web site.

How YOU can Create
a Globally Successful
AND Profitable
Business on the Web

You can listen to audio samples from each tape by clicking on the links beside the contents list below

Originally £99.95, now only £9.95 from ALH while our limited stock lasts.
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* Are you already marketing your product or service on the web?

* Have you thought about starting to really exploit the power of the web?

* Would you like to earn a second income on the web, working from home?

* Would you like to learn how to develop a web based business that actually draws traffic and generates an income?

If the answer to any of those questions is YES then read on! Maybe you already have a website, but are simply not drawing the traffic you expected. Or maybe you realise the potential of the web for your business or to generate a second income and would like to tap into the revenues that can be made. Either way, here is a fact:

99% of all websites fail to draw any significant traffic!

If you would like to put yourself ahead of the pack and learn how to create a web presence and a web business that actually draws traffic and generates an income for you worldwide, then why not take advantage of this superb offer! We are so confident about what this information can do for you that we are prepared to offer you a full refund if you do not learn enough within 28 days to more than cover the cost of it!

Within a few hours you could learn what has taken others years,
and put yourself on the fast track to profits on the web!

Whether you are brand new to the idea of trading on the web, have some experience already or your expertise level is already quite high, everyone can benefit from the invaluable information on these audio tapes. By following David's advice, tips, tricks and tools you will be able to shortcut your way to real trading profits on the web.

"We have just completed negotiations on a contract with Screwfix in excess of £200k for both our fire fighting and gardening products. They contacted us through the website, which David assisted in marketing and designing last year, and told us if it wasn't for the fact that we had a website like we have, they would never have gone into business with us. This is an excellent result!"

Ray Kleiner of Gloria plc

You can save yourself years of learning and thousands of pounds by having David Frieslander guide you personally, on audio tape, in the shortcuts to web success. For just £9.95 including VAT, you will get 6 hours of audio tuition and invaluable advice on 6 separate audio cassettes!

Course tape contents and audio samples

The table below shows what you will get on your tapes and you can listed to an audio sample section from each tape (these are streamed samples that should play in the Windows Media Player after only a few seconds delay, so you don't need to download any files).

How to identify the unique benefits and features of YOUR business. How to tackle search engines and their many quirks. How to keep your customers- what makes the site sticky? Tape 1
How to draw traffic regularly to your website using the Supermarket Analogy. No matter whether you sell a service or a product, you too can get traffic to your site, even if no one has ever heard of you yet! Tape 2
How to make your site buzz! Don't just stick up the company brochure! Improve the content, credibility and authority you must have. Discover ezines and opt in lists and why you should use them. Tape 3
How to find thousands of salesmen for your product who only get paid when a sale takes place! How to automate the whole business using sequential autoresponders and make money whilst you sleep. Tape 4
How to use email and offline activities to their fullest advantage. How to build your client base and your database using email-without `spamming'. Tape 5
International speaker, author and consultant David Frieslander speaks with many of the worlds experts. On this tape you'll hear live conversations with other internet marketing experts. Tape 6

This course was originally priced at £99.95 but is now available from ALH WebMaster pages only at the special price of only £9.95 (yes, that's right, only Nine Pounds 99p for all 6 cassettes in a box!)

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About the author David Frieslander
The man with the Midas touch

Described as radical, innovative and a man with the Midas touch, Manchester based David Frieslander - lecturer, consultant and business entrepreneur - has a track record of successfully re-writing the rules in business. Without the use of search engines, a secure server, or a domain name until recently, David achieved a £600,000 turnover in 3 years with one of his smaller businesses on the web!

Jonathan Mizel President of said "Excellent course for people just starting out and those baffled by the basics of online promotion. David does a great step-by-step job of explaining how to set up a storefront, and offers a very different approach than many of the "experts" of e-commerce."

With this tape course it's like having a one to one consultancy with David Frieslander. The difference being that he would normally charge you £2,000 a day! Using the set of six audio cassettes you will be able to benefit from David's wealth of knowledge and experience and build your own GLOBALLY SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS ON THE WEB!

Also available by David Frieslander

Create a profitable Internet business

How To Create A Profitable Internet Business

This single cassette gives a candid overview of how to create a successful business on the internet. During this one to one interview with Russell Webster, David Frieslander shares his views and theories of the internet with you the listener.

In this, David's first publication, he covers how to choose the right ISP, the golden rules for designing a website, how to enhance your website, the advantages of newsletters, forums, and much more

Previously sold for £15.00, now available from ALH webmaster pages for
only £4.95
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The attitude of an opportunist

How To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time

In this double cassette David shares his opinion that it is no accident that some people always seem to be in the right place at the right time. You'll discover how to think and act like an opportunist, how to think laterally and be successful, how to turn problems into opportunities and using real life situations you'll be able to stop the tape and exercise and develop your thinking skills to problems that David turned into opportunities.

Previously sold for £15.00, now available from ALH webmaster pages for
only £4.95
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