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Search Engine Position Reporting:
WebPosition Gold

This is the most popular and best performing software for reporting your search engine positions across a wide range of engines and any keywords you are monitoring. We use it for a wide range of reporting plus use their Page Critic to analyse our pages before submission.

Download a free trial version to see for yourself

WebPosition Gold for reporting and analysis

Determine and monitor your search engine visibility with Reporter

Research your target keywords with Wordtracker

Optimize your pages using the built-in expertise available in Page Critic

Design and submit HTML pages with Page Builder, Upload Manager and Submitter

Analyze your results through to conversion using WebTrends Analytics

Step 1: Report on Rankings (Reporter)

Monitoring your rankings in all major search engines is easy in WebPosition. Only the search engines that make the most difference are included. The list of search engines is continually updated. Although we support 200 search engines, we believe in providing quality and relevance instead of quantity. There is no benefit in focusing on search engines that receive very little traffic and doing so can take time away from focusing on more important SEO activities that can produce results.

The WebPosition team continually monitors and adjusts the supported search engines at the global and regional levels to ensure you are always focusing on the most relevant search engines. WebPosition also includes paid placement engines such as Overture™, Google™ Adwords, FindWhat™, and eSpotting®. The Froogle™ shopping engine is also supported. Reports can be private labeled for the SEO professional or agency.

You can schedule WebPosition to send reports by email, publish them to a web site, or export them as text files or SmartReports.

Reporter allows you to:

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Step 2: Research Keywords (Wordtracker Keywords)

Target keywords people are actually using by identifying those keywords that are most related to your business. It's important to choose terms that people search against as opposed to those terms you might think your business is about. Choosing the proper keywords is one of the most important aspects of the SEO process. To help you select keywords more effectively, WebPosition provides integration with Wordtracker, the industry leading keyword research tool.

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Step 3: Optimize Pages (Page Critic Service)

Optimize your web pages to achieve the highest search engine ranking possible. Use WebPosition's Page Critic Service to access must-have advice and learn about late-breaking changes in the SEO environment. SEO isn't a one-time event.

The Page Critic Service is continually updated to ensure the latest search engine rules are considered in the optimization process, because search engines often change their ranking rules. 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions can be ordered through

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Step 4: Build / Submit Pages (Page Builder & Submitter)

The Page Builder module helps get you started on the right track when building a new web page. Just enter your target keywords and let the Page Builder generate the HTML framework to construct your fully optimized web page.

Use the Submitter module to submit your site to those search engines that require submission. The WebPosition team continually monitors and adjusts the supported search engines for submissions. Of course, after using WebPosition your site will be optimized for maximum search engine visibility.

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Step 5: Analyze Conversion (WebTrends)

Optimize conversions. Achieving higher rankings is only part of the SEO puzzle. Go beyond rankings and track your search engine results through to conversion and revenue with WebTrends, the trusted standard in web analytics. With WebPosition, you already have the #1 SEO solution to help you achieve a competitive position in the search engine rankings. By adding WebTrends 7 to your toolset, you'll be able to close the loop and understand how your rankings for specific keywords and search engines impact conversion, revenue and ROI.

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