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Planet Ocean
The business guide to
Permission Email Marketing

Once people have visited your web site, the best way to keep in contacts and make them aware of your latest products, information and marketing is by email. You need their permission to do that and the way you go about it can make a huge difference to the results.

This book brings together all of the information on this subject and a practical and straightforward way that will make an immediate impact on the way you encourage people to sign up to your emails and the response you get to your mailings.

As with all their products, they guarantee you will more than get your money back in the six months or you can tell them "The Dog Ate It" and get a full refund - guarantees don't come much better than that. .

Permission email marketing book

Getting traffic to your site is only half the battle.

The other half is turning prospects into customers and customers into repeat sales.

Here's the definitive, step-by-step guide for developing PERMISSION email relationships that will make your revenues soar!

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