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Website Page Creation

Our site has a lot of pages, both for information and product content, so it is important that we can maintain a consistent style across the site and be able to make global changes across the site without having to edit each page individually. We do this by using design templates, common css style files and common javascript menus.


This is Macromedia's page creation and editing software and is an absolute must for us - it is used all day every day for creating new pages, editing content and general maintenance of the site. The MX 2004 version includes templates, CSS support, code validation, cross-browser compatibility testing and loads of design and editing features that make page creation a breeze.

This is my favourite reference book for Macromedia Studio 8 / Dreamweaver

This is what we use for creating all our product and catalog section pages plus the shopping cart functionality. We share design templates and CSS between our Dreamweaver content pages and the store pages to keep overall site design consistency



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