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Opt-in lists and sending email

We maintain an opt-in list for people who join or free Left-handers Club and subscribe to our email newsletters. The service we use to do this is called "Optin Pro" and is run by Kowabunga software in the US who also provide the affiliate service we use - MyAffiliateProgram.

OptinPro email management software OptinPro allows us to do the following:
Application form Maintain an application form that automatically updates our member database with new member email and details

Autorespond Send a welcome email to the new member

Send a timed series of emails to the new member, giving more information about the Club and their free items plus introductory newsletters

Email newsletter Send our regular newsletter to the whole membership (currently 46,000 people all round the world), either in text or HTML format

List maintenance
Emails and newsletters contain customised links for each person to edit their contact details or to unsubscribe if they wish.

OptinPro email management software Find out more about OptinPro

To see how this works on our site, join our free Left-handers Club and you will see it in all its glory! (the join page will open in a new window so you will not lose this page)

MyAffiliateProgram software Kowabunga also produce the MyAffiliateProgram software that we
use to run our own affiliate programme




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