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We have got a lot of content and product information on our site and we want our visitors to be able to find what they want easily and without missing any relevant pages. Our Actinic Catalog software produces a searchable database of all our product information but we also wanted visitors to be able to search site wide - covering products, left-handed information, our webmaster pages and recommended shopping pages as well.

To do this we needed an on-site search engine that could spider our whole web site and index the contents to give rapid search results. We prefer to buy software so that we have the security of owning it and it runs on our own server and we have no monthly fees. After testing a number of solutions, we found Extreeme Search Engine Studio to give the best results and it is also excellent value.

You can download a free demon version to test it for yourself - it is fairly easy to set up and once configured it just crawls away and even FTP's all the databases it creates up to your web site. You have great control over what is spidered and indexed and can display the results in exactly the format you want within your main site template. A bonus is that by spidering the site yourself you are making sure that independent search engine spiders can do the same thing.

You will need to be able to run CGI programmes on your site to use this software (ask you hosting company to activate it for you if not already available)

Search Engine Studio Our recommended onsite search software. Pricing from $99 depending on use and number of pages to be indexed.
Other web development software from Extreeme
all have free download version for you to evaluate before purchase. There are features comparisons on site to compare the Standard and Pro editions of each package.
SiteXpert Create sitemaps and navigation systems. $69. The Pro version now comes with basic Search Engine Studio included for only $99.
DHTML Menu Studio Create powerful cross-browser menus $49
MailXpert Maintain email opt-in lists, send email and newsletters, set up mail forwarders and autoresponders. Runs on your own server so there are no monthly fees or email delivery fees.
Standard $59, Pro $125.
More advanced sequential autoresponder.
Standard $59, Pro $125.



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