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Simple and rapid navigation is essential for any web site. After looking at a lot of menu systems we decided to use a Javascript system from Twin Helix which gave us a lot of functionality, was well tested across lots of browsers and versions and was easy to maintain.

A great benefit is that the menu files are external to our pages and are shared across the whole site so we can make global changes easily and, after the menu has first been loaded, it is cached in the visitor's browser to speed up subsequent page loads.

Twin Helix Cascading
Popup Menus
Javascript-based, Multi-level fly-out menu system with a wide range of formatting options. Allows multiple menus per page as well. This is "Donation Ware" so you can download and test it but then if you like it and are actually going to use it you should make a suitable donation to Angus Turnbull who has done a great job writing and supporting this software.
Loads of support information and answers to most questions that arise - there are a lot of people using this system and most problems that arise with it have been solved by someone! You can search the forums without registering, but have to give an email address to make posts.



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