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Master Series CGI Scripts

William Bontrager and his team produce a really good range of cgi scripts and other tools to enhance the functionality of your web site.

CGI is a programming standard that allows you interact with your site visitors and automate a lot of site functions like recording customer responses and requests. To find out more about CGI programs and what they can do, click here to visit the WillMaster site

Master Series CGI

Will Bontrager produces a very good weekly newsletter with lots of great ideas and programming solutions for web sites.
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These are the tools that we have used in our web site

Master Form V4 One of the most versatile form handlers on the Internet. Allows you to set up multiple forms on as many pages as you like. Sends emails to you and the visitor and also write the form content to a database that you can later download and review.
The content is all handled securely in your cgi bin and this has saved us countless hours of work on our survey pages analysing and re-typing the content of emails into databases. Brilliant.

Master Recommend Pro Allows your visitors to recommend your site to other people by putting their email address(es) into a simple form. the program automatically sends an email (that you format as you want using a template), including the visitors own comments, to each friend and a confirmation back to the original visitor - a great chance to follow up on their visit to your site and remind them of things they may have missed.
Even better, the recommendation and details of all the contacts are written to a database file that you can then download and review.
There is also a free cut-down version of this you can test before buying if you want.

Master Info Relay V3 It can trigger many autoresponders, plus Master Info Relay V3 has it's own internal autoresponder.

Selecting Autoresponders Selecting Autoresponder Software - Will's article about selecting the right software

Master Feedback A free program that helps spam-proof your website. Allows visitors to send you email feedback without having your email addresses included on the page in a format that email harvesting robots can read to add to their SPAM lists.

Free programme to allow you to format all or part of any web page in a printer friendly format

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