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Log analysis

Your site log files contain a huge amount of information about your visitors, where they come from and what they do and can be of invaluable help with the marketing and maintenance of your site.

However, they are usually huge files and getting useful information out of them can be a challenge. After trying various solutions, we have settled on 123 Log Analyzer as being the best value package that works quickly and gives us the analysis we want. It works on huge zipped log files and outputs data in graphic and table format that makes it a lot easier to see what is going on. Pricing is from $149.95

If this banner link is not active, you can go direct to the site here

We also use a web-based stats analysis package that uses data send by javascript on individual pages whenever they are requested by a visitor. That information is invaluable as well, but you cannot beat having the real data direct from your own server as it contains a lot of information that never gets as far as the traffic analysis package, e.g.

* Requests for images and scripts from other sites that are not actually full pages and do not therefore trigger the javascript for the analysis package. These could be valid use of our site content by affiliates or other approved users or it could be people just stealing our bandwidth!

* 404 errors for pages that could not be found - these are pretty important to pick up but again never make it to the stats package.




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