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Link Popularity

The number and quality of incoming links to your site not only generates additional direct visitors but also play a big part in helping your search engine rankings.

Link popularity is about the number of links coming in to your site.

Link reputation measures the Quality of those links - whether they are from high ranking sites and whether the link text is relevant to your page subject.

Maintaining your Links Directory - see below

Google's PageRank is a major factor in the ranknig oif your site. You can find out about the technology behind it here

What you want is lots of links from high-ranking sites relevant to your subject area and using your target keywords in their linking text. How do you get them? Ask!

You need to research sites that you would like to get a link from and then contact them nicely to ask if they will link to you. They will normally want you to link back to them - a reciprocal link.

Here are some tools that we have found useful:

Link Popularity Check

A great and free piece of software you can download to your desktop that allows you to list websites you are interested in (yours, your competitors, leading sites) and see their incoming link numbers on the major search engines then expand the links to any of the sites in any of the engines to see the full site details in your browser. Save your list and update the results at any time with a single click - brilliant!

Click here to download your FREE copy to your own computer
(2.4 MB)

Google search

You can do a search in the format
to see how many incoming links are recorded in the google database
Note that you can do a similar query to see how many pages from your site have been indexed by Google

Google does not give the best count of backlinks. You can usually get a better view at Yahoo! Do a query for, e.g.
(don't forget to include the "http://")

Linking Matters Very useful free reports and workbooks on linking strategy plus lots of tools to help

Link Harvester This is a really good open-source tol that creates a lisy of incoming links and also shows the IP address, hyperlnks to the sites, a Whois link, WayBack link (cached old copies of the site pages) and more - really good.

Get a free report on the popularity of your site and comparisons with other sites of your choice

Links directory

To help with developing links, it is useful if you can maintain a links directory on your site where you can add reciprocal links to people who have linked to you.

We use ARELIS from Axandra to manage this process and build our links directory pages. It also allows us to search for potential link partners, send them emails, manage the follow-up process and check when links are active.

Arelis link manager software

You can download a FREE fully functional version of the software to try and then make it live by buying a license once you are happy it does what you want (that is what I did)

Find out more about Arelis and download a free version here

They also do a general website promotion package called IBP - Internet Business Promoter and if you download a free trial cooy you can get free access to their pretty good eBook called "The beginners Guide top SEO"

Click here to download the free IBP package and get your free eBook (it is a PDF file within the demo version - quite a good introduction to SEO)

There is also a very good SEO newsletter whxih you can subscribe to free of charge

Click here to receive the free Search Engine Facts newsletter




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