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Choosing the best keywords to target your customers is critical and the ideal is to have lots of relevant keywords and phrases that have high volumes of searches and low numbers of other sites competing for them - that way you have a good chance of getting listed near the top.

You are far more likely to get a lot of traffic by using lots of keyword phrases of 3 words or more than by concentrating on individual keywords. Searchers who actually want to buy something tend to be very specific in their searches and use more keywords. For example, we will build a page focusing on "left handed child scissor" rather than just "left handed" and "scissor".

If you have enough high rankings for the longer keyword phrases, you will probably end up owning the individual keywords as well!

Wordtracker The system the SEO professionals use to research and analyse keywords. There is a 1 week free trial and after that you pay - but it is great value for the results you can get.

Top keywords for today WordTracker's listing of the current top searches. If you can build relevant content pages into your site using some of these words you just might get some of this high volume traffic.
You can also subscribe to a weekly email of the top 500 words

Google Keyword tool Google's keyword "sandbox" as they call it - enter your phrase and see all the related searches

Overture keyword tool See the related words searched in the Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing) database plus numbers of searches so you can see which are the most important.
This link accesses the database free via 123promotion and shows search numbers and projections. Clicking a phrase in the answers will show how many people are competing for it in Google and Yahoo.
Or you can set up an account with Overture and get direct access to their keyword tools.


A good free tool to source and analyse keywords. Uses the Wordtracker and Overture databases plus gets page and competition counts from Google to give a competition index for each keyword phrase. Also has a Thesaurus and "Lateralus" to pick up related words.
Using the Overture database gives most results and clicking a result runs that phrase through the process again.

There is no easy way to export the keywords found so we drag over the whole table, copy and paste into Excel then sort to get rid of the lines you don't want.

Tip - Use the Firefox browser for this site - it returns results a lot faster.

Keyword Toolkit Free software to generate keyword phrases from your own individual words then jumble and wrap them to produce a big list. The Jumbler is useful for producing all the possible combinations of a keyword phrase that a searcher may use.

Keyword Spider Free software to spider the top-ranking sites for your keyword choices and extract the other keywords they are using. Combine with the keyword toolkit to build a huge list of words.

Keyword suggestion tool This tool from DigitalPoint looks at search numbers per day for your kewords in the Wordtracker and Overture databases and also suggests other keywords - it is pretty good! Also, you can specify the analysis for individual countries.
  - Find what people search for.
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