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HTML Code and Validation

HTML is the basic language used for most web pages. You can create HTML from graphic editors like Dreamweaver or FrontPage but once you get past very basic pages you are going to need to understand the HTML code behind them to fine-tune your pages and add the functionality you want.

HTML tutorials A good site for all levels from beginner to expert
HTML Validators List of free HTML validators to check your code
W3C Home Page All the official stuff about the HTML standard
W3C HTML validator Check your HTML code
Check your Cascading Style Sheet code

It is important that your pages load quickly and can be seen by all visitors. Increasing the number and size of images, complexity of table structures, javascript functions etc. will all slow down your pages.

There is a good page load test you can use free at WebSiteOptimization

Using HTML / CSS in email

Email clients do not support HTML as well as web browsers and you can get poor results. Here are some articles that may help:

Using HTML and a detailed list of email clients and their html support levels

Tricks for getting CSS to work in html email



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