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We have a lot of images on our site and use various packages to create and edit them

Adobe Photoshop This is the industry standard graphics editor - extremely powerful once you get to grips with it
Macromedia Fireworks Great integration with Dreamweaver and lots of graphics tools focused mainly on generating images for web sites. Good image optimisation features to keep file sizes down
Button Gadget A nifty little tool for creating professional buttons of all types and sizes with a big library of standard buttons to start with. We used it to create the Windows XP style buttons used throughout our site.
Free trial or only $19.95 to buy - well worth it even if you are only making a few buttons
Irfan View A free graphics viewer and editor - convert all types of graphics, batch process images, views image thumbnails, make slideshows and loads more
Free software from Iconico that allows you to select colors and maintain a palette just by hovering over a web page

Video production

We are working on developing video product demonstrations of our products in action to show the benefits to left-handers. We will be using our Sony Digital Video camera and to link it to a PC for capture you need a FireWire Card and connecting cable. We are going to use the Adobe Premiere Elements video editing software to edit the video, add a sound track and compress it for streaming on the Web.


A good site for anything to do with video and DVD is


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