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To run a web business you need a domain name and to be able to maintain it. Here are some of the tools we use to register, host and manage our domains

DotEasy Free hosting Low price domain registration and Free hosting

WHOIS lookup
(global domain types)

Find out who owns and manages any domain plus a lot of useful information about it with the namespinner search engine which is highly recommended for domain lookups.
You can use wildcard searches to see which domains have been registered then click on any entry to get full details and a site preview image.
Also see how many active domains exist (around 53 Million) and how many IP addreses are active in each country (UK about 212 million, USA 1.3 Billion)

Reverse WHOIS Start with an IP address and find out which country it is in, what domains are asociated with it and who owns them
Nominet ( For UK domain information - not as extensive as for .com addresses but shows you the basic information
List of links to specialty domain-related search engines provided by SearchEngineWatch



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