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If you have come to our WebMaster pages after seeing Keith speak at the Marketing Week conference on Search Marketing - welcome.
You can find all the tools and information I was talking about in these pages.

A lot of people ask how we built our site and what software we used to get various clever things working and this is Keith's page linking to web development and marketing resources that we have found useful.

I have spent the last 4 years working full time researching and experimenting to make Anything Left-Handed a successful internet business. In that time, I have read hundreds of books, newsletters, e-books and web sites and tried a huge amount of software and many web marketing methods. These pages show the resources that I have personally used and found very impressive and I hope it helps you.

If you have come across anything that you think would be valuable to others, or want me to test a new product or service, please let me know and I will check it and maybe add it to these pages (if it really works!).

More resources and information are added to these pages regularly
Please bookmark this page and visit again soon

Manuals and Guides
Internet marketing for stay at home Moms

A great manual based on real experiences that shows how to set up a home based business to generate income from internet marketing with very little investment

Overviews and training
Profitable Internet Marketing

A set of 6 cassette tapes with loads of information for the newbie and seasoned pro alike
SPECIAL OFFER -We have a limited number of copies of this course that originally sold for £99.95 for sale to our WebMaster visitors at only £9.95
Click here for details and audio samples

Winning the
Search Engine Wars
A 160 page E-Book and a monthly newsletter update - these guys really are the experts and test everything
Domain information Whois lookup, domain searching, registration and hosting
DotEasy hosting Register and .com address for only US$ 25.00 and get free hosting for a year as well
Site Development
Page creation Using Dreamweaver and other software to create web pages
Graphics The best graphics software and tools
HTML Free online tutorials and reference guides
E-Commerce Using Actinic for your online catalog and shopping cart
Menus Cascading menus in whatever styles you want
Javascript Using Javascript to add functionality to your site. Lots of sources for free javascript programmes
CGI Programs Information on CGI and sources for free programmes
Master Series of CGI scripts that we use
Onsite search Creating your own search engine to help your visitors find what they want on your site
Browsers The main web browsers, checking cross-browser compatibility
Site Maintenance
Link Validation Check all the page, image, external and other links and get powerful analysis and reporting
Metatags Create the proper metatags for your site and crawl your own site (or others) like a search engine and check all the metatags and page content
Traffic Analysis
Site statistics Real time data analysis of everything you could ever want to know about the usage of your web site
Log file analysis Powerful logfile analysis without spending a fortune
Search Engines
Engine lists Listing and directories of search engines by country and type
Google All about Google and how we use it to market our site plus our visitor stats showing Google's percentage of traffic
Search Marketing
Search Engine Marketing Search engines are one of the web's major resources for driving qualified traffic. Getting listed in a search engine index is not difficult. But getting that all important top 20 listing is a bit more tricky. Maybe you've been wondering how your competition manages to do it? Well, with this search engine marketing book, now you can find out.
Winning the Search Engine Wars A 160 page E-Book and a monthly newsletter update - these guys really are the experts and test everything
Keywords Generating lists of keyword and expanding them with jumbling and wrapping
Position reporting Reporting on where your pages are in the search engines plus page optimisation and submission. WebPosition Gold
Spiders and Robots Search engine spiders and robots - getting your pages indexed and avoiding problems
Site submission URLs Search engine URLs for manual submissions
Site Submission - free Submit your url to multiple engines and directories for free
Pay Per Click Advertising
Click Flipping How to turn cheap traffic from Google AdWords into profitable commission income
Incoming Links
Link Popularity Why links are important and how to monitor and develop incoming links
Email Marketing
Permission Email Book All about permission email marketing and how to get the best from it
Opt-in Lists Manage your opt-in lists and send email newsletters and promotions
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate software How to register new affiliates, track sales and pay commissions
Useful Web Tools
Free webmaster tools Tools for checking, testing and maintaining your site and a lot more

More resources and information are added to these pages regularly
Please bookmark this page and visit again soon


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