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Welcome to the Click Flipping website that could change your life (or at least your finances!)

Click here to find out more about the Click Flipping system and how you can be part of it

After AdSense there is a now a new and far more effective way to make income by playing smart.

Click flipping is a new term for an old concept. Like playing chess, it does not take long to learning the mechanics but a lifetime to master the process to make it as profitable as possible. Click flipping is nothing more than buying advertising with a link to a web page you own and then persuading anyone who visits that page to click on a link and participate in an offer or buy a product which in turn gives you a commission, specifically an affiliate commission. You make a profit when what you spend less on advertising than the amount you receive for people buying things or participating in offers.

A "profit path" comprises the following...

* A market you have analysed and understand

* A keyword list that you set up Pay Per Click advertising campaigns for

* The text of your adverts that inspired people to click on them

* Your landing page and how it connects to the affiliate offer

* The merchant site that converts visitors into paying customers

The basic tools you need to do this are free or very low cost and you could be up and running and making profits within days. Once you find a profit path you can fine tune it to make it more profitable and boost volumes to make more money then leave it to run while you start another one.

Click here to find out more about the Click Flipping system and how you can be part of it

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