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CGI Programmes

If you want to add interactive functionality to your site - things like forms, databases, surveys, links directories and a lot more, a good way to do it is to use programmes that run in your CGI-bin. The Common Gateway Interface is a set of standards that allow these programmes to work across web browsers and if you have them enabled by your web site host you will have a directory under your root domain on your web server called "cgi-bin". This is a secure area of the web server that is allowed to run programmes and update files. Most cgi programmes are written in a language called PERL.

You may have to pay a small extra fee to your hosting provider to activate CGI / PERL for your site but I am sure you will find it well worth it.

Master Series CGI This is a great site for information about CGI and a wide range of programmes available at low prices. There are many free scripts about and they are a good way to get started, but for "proper" business use we have found it is worth paying for something that really works as it should and has a bit more functionality.
CGI101 Tutorials on CGI programming plus a load of information and free scripts
Thousands of free scripts plus tutorials and lots of information



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