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Affiliate software

An affiliate programme can be a very good way of marketing your website. You encourage other people with theior own websites to put a special link to your site, or any pages or products within it, and then you track any visitors comning via that link and pay the affiliate a commission if a sale results from it.

There are lots of ways of running the mechanics that allow people to sign up as affiliates, create the special links, track their activity and get paid their commissions

Buy the software You can just buy software and run everything on your own server but we have found that does not give the level of functionality that we wanted.

Add monthly support
This is our preferred solution, so we have all the software set up and then pay a fixed monthly fee for the ongoing maintenance and marketing support from MyAffiliateProgram

Affiliate networks You can join an affiliate network as a merchant and they will run all the systems for you, as well as aggregating the commissions between your affiliates and their other merchants. For this service tthey will usually charge a set-up fee plus a fixed monthly fee plus a percentage (usually 20-30%) of the total commissions that are payable to your affiliates.

We chose to use the MyAffiliateProgram system from Kowabunga software in the US as it gives us the best overall balance of all the things we want :

* Easy sign up for new affiliates on our own web site

* Fixed (and fairly low) costs regardless of how much business we do

* Easy maintenance of our marketing materials and the facility for our affiliates to deep link into any page or product on our site.

* Direct links from all our affiliates to our web site URL so we get the benefit of the link popularity to help our own search engine rankings (using an affiliate network the links all go via that company and not directly to your own site

* Analysis and reporting from our own web site stats

* The benefit of the Kolimbo affiliate network (completely free of charge to us as a MyAP customer) and the added bonus of them managing a data feed file so affiliates can create a listing of our products ,with images, on their own sites using only a single line of html code

Click here to find out more about the MyAffiliateProgram software and support systems

Free Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder book

Get a free eBook
from Kowabunga
  • Affiliate Marketing industry
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
  • Choosing your Affiliate Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • Choosing a tracking and management solution
  • Setting your commission rates
  • Creating Affiliate Materials
  • Creating linking methods and entry pages
  • Communicating with your Affiliates
  • Motivating your Affiliates
  • Launching your Affiliate Program
  • Promoting your Affiliate Program
  • Selecting an Affiliate Manager
  • Assessing your progress

This book is normally $24 but as a customer and affiliate of Kowabunga they have said that we can offer it free to our visitors

Click here to go to the page where you can get the book free

Become and Anything Left-Handed affiliate to see how it works - all free

You can see how the MyAffiliateProgram software operates on our site and also get a look at the marketing materials, emails and affiliate training centre by joining as an affiliate of ours - it is all free and we don't mind you joining just to see how it works. But, having got it set up and having all the code you need, if you just put it on one of your web pages you may even earn some commission from us!

Kowabunga also have a simpler affiliate system at lower costs that may well do the job for you
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