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The Anything Left-Handed London Shop

Anything Left-Handed, 57 Brewer St, London W1

Anything Left-Handed was the first specialist left-handed shop in the world and opened for business in 1968 at 65 Beak Street, at the bottom of Carnaby Street in London's West End.

In 1991, we moved to a brand new shop unit about 200 yards away at 57 Brewer Street. At the same time, we separated the mail order and administration from the shop so that the shop staff could focus purely on helping customers.

After 38 Years in Central London the ever-increasing rent and rates costs plus the congestion charge and parking fees have made the shop too expensive to operate and we have been forced to close it from May 2006..

That gives us more time to focus on our web site and Left-handers Club and our full range of products and a lot of new ones are available online for worldwide delivery.


We will continue to provide the best information, products and service for left-handers all round the world, but not from our London shop!

Inside the shop

Inside the Left-Handed shop Although our shop is fairly small, it has all of our products on display and they are available to sample if you want to give them a try.
The staff in the shop are all left-handed themselves and are happy to demonstrate products, explain why they are left-handed and give helpful advice to left-handers of all ages

Opening hours and directions

Our central London shop was at 57 Brewer Street, London W1F 9UL but is now closed. You can find all of our products available for worldwide deliveyr on this web site ortyou can contact us by phone on 020 8770 3722 to talk about your requirements or place you order.

Map to 57 Brewer Street, London


Get real benefits from our huge range of specially designed left handed products


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