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Using Promotion Codes to get discounts

What are they for?

We issue the promotion codes to Left-Handers Club members with each of our newletters and to some other web sites and offline media when we are working on joint publicity exercises. They are used to give extra benefits to the people who receive them and usually only run for a limited period.

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We also have some product combinations that offer discounted or free items that do not need a promotional code and you can see these in the Current Offers Section of our online shop

How do I make my code work?

Our online shop contains various places where you can enter a promotional code (sometimes called a Coupon Code) to activate discounts or product offers:

1. Enter it in the box below the left menu in all of our product pages and click the [Go] button to make it active.

2. Enter it on the address screen of our Checkout and you will see any discounts calculated when you click the [Next] button to go to the payment screen.

How do I get the codes for myself

The best way is to Join the Left-handers Club FREE so you can receive all future promotion codes that are issued.


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