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  Left-handed children failed by teachers - July 2006

Left Handed Shop closes in move to Internet trading - June 2006
Left Handed writing skills books launched - December 2005


New web portal - Nov 2001 (full version, 550 words)
New web portal - Oct 2001 (100 word version)



Left-Handed specialist Anything Left-Handed Ltd, based in Belmont, Surrey, has won the London Regional Finals of the UK E-Commerce Awards 2002, for its web business at /. Organised by the Government initiative 'UK online for business', the Awards are now in their fourth year and are designed to recognise and reward those organisations that have demonstrated excellence through the use of the Internet.

Anything Left-Handed have 8 staff in their offices and warehouse in Belmont, which is their base for processing orders and sending left-handed products to most of the countries around the world. Two of the Directors, Keith Milsom and Denis Zekic proudly accepted their award and the £2,000 prize on 20th June at the awards ceremony held at The Globe Theatre, London. Their website was the winner in the Micro-Business category, for businesses with less than 10 staff, and recognised the huge impact that the Internet has had on the company's already well-established business.

The website was designed and produced entirely in-house and acts as a portal for the largest resource of information on left-handedness on the Internet. The site utilises Actinic software as a platform for the e-commerce operation, enabling visitors to purchase on-line from a huge range of over 200 specially designed left-handed products.

From its small beginnings 35 years ago as a retail shop in London's West End, Anything Left-Handed has evolved into a mail order and internet retailer as well as a global wholesaler of left-handed items to other companies, mainly due to its web site which was launched only a year ago. As Keith Milsom comments, our web site has allowed us to communicate with potential customers and market our business worldwide at very little cost, making international development possible.

Following on from their success at the Regional E-commerce Awards, Anything Left-Handed now moves forward to the National Finals on 3rd July at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.


More details of the Awards and the full Regional winners listing can be seen at




Shoppers at Bluewater Retail Park will notice a new twist to their products this Easter, with the arrival of Anything Left-Handed, the leading supplier of left-handed products in Europe, who will be at Bluewater for one month, to launch their new spring range. From 11th March to 7th April 2002, visitors to Bluewater will, for the first time, have the opportunity to try out a large range of specially designed products that will make everyday tasks and hobbies more comfortable and effortless for left-handers than they ever imagined. Right-handers will discover the perfect gift for a left-handed loved one, and see for themselves the difficulties left-handers normally face.

Anything Left-Handed have a shop in Soho, West London, which has been established for 30 years, plus a thriving mail order and internet business. But as Lauren Milsom, Company Director explains: Many left-handers need to try out the products to realise how much they will benefit from them, so we are visiting Bluewater to give people that opportunity. Many of our most loyal customers thought they had adapted quite well to right hand versions until they came to us, because only through using a well designed left-handed implement can you appreciate how much easier and more comfortable it is to use.

Anything Left-Handed stock an amazing selection of left-handed items to help with all aspects of everyday life, including scissors, stationery items, kitchen utensils, arts and crafts tools and a large children's range. New additions to the range this spring include left-handed bypass secateurs, new junior and adult fountain pens and even an anti-clockwise pepper mill! Trained staff will be at the Bluewater stand to offer handwriting advice for children, and a FREE Handwriting Factsheet will be available for parents.

Anything Left-Handed will be making life easier for left-handers at Bluewater Shopping Centre, Greenhythe, Kent from Monday 11th March to Sunday 7th April inclusive. Products are also available from their London shop at 57 Brewer Street, London W1F 9UL, from their website / or by mail order.




New web portal - Oct 2001 (240 word version)

The greatest source of information ever made available on left-handedness goes online this month with the launch of a new web site at If you've ever wondered why we shake hands with the right, drive on the left or throw salt over our left shoulder, this site has the answers. It is a great place for Christmas gifts as well as being entertaining and thought provoking with an on-site search facility to help find what you want.

Based on 30 years experience of running the Anything Left-Handed business, it has links to related web pages and constantly updated reports on the latest sporting, celebrity, entertainment and news stories relevant to left-handers of all ages. It also includes tools for using the Internet plus translation, currency conversion, search engine and web development resources for everyone to use.

The site is the home of the FREE Left-Handers Club where members can access the on-line Left-Handers Forum, receive free e-newsletters and discounted products.

The online shop boasts an amazing range of the finest left-handed tools and equipment available with full, clear explanations of why they are left-handed. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section and a free Handwriting Factsheet

Whether you want to try the left-handed crossword, enter the regular monthly competitions or just treat yourself to a decent pair of scissors, will soon become a regular favourite, and make you realise there is more to being left-handed than just writing!

New web portal - Oct 2001 (100 word version) is a great new source of information on left-handedness. Find out why we shake with the right and throw salt over our left shoulders. Based on 30 years experience of running the Anything Left-Handed business, it has links to related web pages, constantly updated reports and tools for using the Internet.

The FREE Left-Handers Club gives members access to the on-line Forum, free newsletters and discounted products. The online shop has a huge range of left-handed tools and equipment with explanations of why they are left-handed and a Frequently Asked Questions section. There is more to being left-handed than just writing!


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