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Pierre-Michel Bertrand

Pierre is a French author of books on left-handedness and was a fellow participant in the left handed conference at the Le Monde de Deux Mains exhibition in Luxembourg, January 2007.

We had a few interesting chats with Pierre (hampered by our lack of a common language!) and found him knowledgeable and passionate about highlighting the inequalities and discrimination facing left-handers. Here he is at the exhibition with Lauren, showing off his books.

Pierre gave an evening presentation on the history of left-handedness and highlighted the ups and down of left-handers over the centuries.

Pierre-Michel Bertrand with Lauren in Luxembourg

Pierre has written two books on left-handedness...

Histoire Des Gauchers

History of left handers is a fascinating look at left-handers over the ages and how they have been treated by the right-handed majority - usually badly we think. This book has been translated into 6 languages, including Finnish and Hungarian, but not into English, which is a shame. Pierre tells us it is the decision of his publishers and he cannot do anything about it.

This is the link to his book on his publisher's site for those that may want to read it in French

Dictionnaire des Gauchers

Not really a dictionary, it is more an encyclopedia of things that relate in some way to lefthanders or left-handedness.

It has been translated from the original French into Italian but, again, not English. Here is the link to the publisher's page on the book

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