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Paul McCartney

James Paul McCartney

On March 11, 1997, McCartney was created a Knight by Queen Elizabeth II, and was subsequently known as Sir Paul McCartney. In 1999 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist (he was inducted with the rest of the Beatles in 1988).
British musician, composer, and produce, sir James Paul McCartney, KBE, MBE (born June 18, 1942) first came to prominence as a member of the the Beatles. He is recognized as one of the musical icons of the century, and his songs (such as "Hey Jude" and "Let It Be") are frequently ranked among the best songs in popular music history.

He was born at Walton Hospital, northern Liverpool near his teenage home, where his mother had worked as a nurse and his father was a professional trumpet player.
The early death of his mother Mary from breast cancer when he was fourteen was a formative influence on his life and created an additional bond between him and John Lennon, whose mother had also died prematurely.

McCartney rose to fame as a bassist, pianist, guitarist, singer and songwriter for the Beatles, but initially he was invited to join John Lennon's band The Quarrymen as a guitarist. Paul replaced the original duties of member stuart Sutcliffe on base guitar and the band palyed a formative stint at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany, in the 1960's.

The left-handed McCartney also became probably the most creative and influential rock bassist of his time, elevating the electric bass from back-row obscurity to prominence, inspiring countless players to take up the instrument.
By 1965 McCartney was pressuring the engineers at EMI to get a better bass sound on Beatles recordings, frustrated by the relatively weak sound on their earlier records. His bass playing and writing during the Beatles' most creative phase in 1965-67 was heavily influenced by the work of American producer-composer Brian Wilson, leader of The Beach Boys.

The Beatles performing live in the 1960's

Paul and his late wife Linda

During the years of the Beatles' greatest popularity, Paul was generally regarded as the best-looking member but, Ironically he was the last to marry and the only one never to divorce. Towards the end of his relationship with actress Jane Asher, McCartney met Linda Eastman, an American photographer.
They first met at the June 1, 1967 launch party for Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and the relationship blossomed over the next two years.
He and Linda married at a small civil ceremony at Marylebone Registry Office in 1969, while he was still a member of the Beatles. He adopted Linda's daughter (from her first marriage), and they went on to have three other children together. They remained happily married and utterly devoted to each other until Linda's death from breast cancer in 1998.

The couple reportedly spent less than a week apart during their entire marriage.

Despite the devastating blow of the murder of John Lennon laterIn 1980, McCartney enjoyed continued success in the early 80s. His 1982 album Tug Of War was a major success and in the same year he scored two huge hits with duet singles—"Ebony and Ivory", recorded with soul legend Stevie Wonder, and "The Girl Is Mine", recorded with emerging pop megastar Michael Jackson. Another successful McCartney-Jackson duet, "Say, Say, Say" was released in 1983.
McCartney's friendship with Jackson was shortlived, however. Not long afterwards, Jackson paid a huge sum to acquire the Northern Songs catalogue, which included the publishing rights to most of the Beatles' songs. Although McCartney subsequently approached Jackson hoping to negotiate an increase in his royalty rate, he was turned down.

McCartney continues to release pop albums and perform live, (Run Devil Run, Wingspan, Flaming Pie, Driving Rain), as well as campaign for the groups Greenpeace and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, among others. Paul and Linda had three children. One, Stella McCartney, is an award-winning fashion designer and animal rights activist.

M.Jackson and McCartney in better years.

In June 2002 McCartney married Heather Mills, a former model and anti-landmines campaigner, in a highly elaborate ceremony at Castle Leslie in Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland. Under her influence, he has campaigned against landmines himself, and donated substantial sums to the cause. In early 2003, for example, he held a personal concert for the wife of banker Ralph Whitworth and donated one million dollars to Adopt-a-Landmine. Mills and McCartney had their first child, Beatrice Millie, on October 28, 2003.

McCartney performed during the pre-game ceremonies at the NFL's Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002 and was the halftime performer at Super Bowl XXXIX on 6 February 2005. Unlike in many previous years, he was the only performer in the entire halftime show. His set consisted of "Drive My Car", "Get Back", "Live and Let Die" and "Hey Jude", and featured interesting stage design, fireworks, and fan-held placards.

McCartney, currently 62, says he hopes to keep playing even after he is 64, a reference to the Beatles song, "When I'm Sixty-Four".

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