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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman with Jack Nicholson
at this year's Golden Globe

Now we know why Nicole Kidman deserved to be our Top Lefty for the last two months running. She won the Oscar for best actress category, Golden Globe, and was also the winner of the best actress in a leading role category at the Bafta Film Awards for "The Hours".

Nicole, who donned a prosthetic nose to play the big-conked literary genius Virginia Woolf, refused to cut corners. Despite being left-handed, Nicole, 35, learned to alter what comes naturally for the sake of authenticity.

"I learned to write with my right hand for it" she says. "People look at me, like, that's crazy, and I'm like, no, it was necessary."

Nor did she resort to using a double to film the opening suicide scene in which Virginia walks into the river.

"People say to me, we can't believe you walked into the water yourself, but why would I let anyone else do it ? It was the most important part of the film for me."

"People call it obsession but that's what you're meant to do. To do anything else would be a fraud. " Now, where's the Oscar ?

Nicole Kidman picked up the best dramatic actress prize for her role as author Virginia Woolf in Stephen Daldry's The Hours, which also won best dramatic film.

Kidman as Virginia Woolf in the "Hours"



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