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Marilyn Monroe (NOT left-handed!)

Marilyn Monroe is often listed as being left-handed but, in fact, this is a myth and she was right-handed

We incorrectly had Marilyin on our list of famous left-handers for a while and this may have helped to propagate the myth as a lot of other websites seem to have copied our list.

However, we were advised of our error by some eminent experts and you can see the emails they sent us below.

Click here to see Danamo's page of pictures that show Marilyn was right-handed

I just found your website and wanted to let you know that Marilyn Monroe was not left-handed. I'd be really grateful if you could take that reference from your website, as Marilyn was a right handed person. I have nothing against left handed people at all - my best friend is one - but Marilyn was not so just thought you should know.

Thank you, Kind regards
Michelle Morgan, President - Marilyn Lives Society

You have a wonderful site... I applaud you... 

BUT I need to make a small correction for you. Marilyn  Monroe was NOT left handed. I am a Marilyn Monroe Historian. I have been featured on many documentaries on Marilyn Monroe and I run two of the largest largest Internet Fan clubs on line. and

But please don't take my word for it.  Contact her first husband Jim Dougherty for confirmation, or the Presidents of two of the most well known Internet fan clubs:
Dan from NormaJeane2Marilyn
Mary from Immortal Marilyn

Or even better yet contact Greg Schrinener perhaps the most well known Marilyn Monroe collector in the world and also President of the oldest Marilyn Fan Club in the USA,
Marilyn Remembered

These people can confirm with you that the myth that MM was lefthanded was just that...a myth. Just trying to set the record straight on Marilyn Myths. 
Jill Adams

Marilyn Monroe writing right-handed

Hello, I'm the president of a well known Marilyn Monroe fan club and also have a popular Marilyn Monroe website which has been credited as a source of information for books and for TV documentaries about Miss Monroe.

On my site I have a page debunking the myth that Marilyn Monroe was left-handed.

The page has photos showing Marilyn writing, and using tools and utensils with her right hand. Furthermore, her handwriting is right-handed.

Regards, Danamo, President, Norma2Marilyn

Many thanks to MIchelle, Jill and Danamo for helping us with this.

Where is the evidence that started the left-handed myth?

There are still very many sites that list Marilyn as being left-handed, for example - a good biography and graphology analysis

Stanley Coren - wrote an excellent book on left-handedness - says her writing hand was left

The BBC website lists her as a famous left-hander

If you know more or have any evidence that Marilyn Monroe WAS left-handed, please let us know

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