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Left Hander Of The Year 2008 - Nominations

We were delighted to see left-hander Rafa Nadal win the Tennis Championship at Wimbledon in July, marking tennis as yet another area of excellence for left-handers. With so many left-handed high achievers in the news over recent months, we thought it only fitting to mark the fact by choosing a LEFT-HANDER OF THE YEAR to be chosen by you, our Left-Handers Club members, and announced on Left-Handers Day.

We would like you to nominate your favourite high-profile left-hander, who must be someone in the public eye who has achieved greatness in their field, (e.g. sportsman, celebrity, politician, scientist) and complete the form below with their details.

Just type in the name of the person you nominate and why you think they should be Left-Hander of the Year. Please place your nominations by 28th July 2008. We will let you know the most popular nominees in our next newsletter, and give you the chance to vote for them before Left-Handers Day on 13th August.

You can add your own nomination to our list by completing the short form below. If you want to nominate more than one lefthander, just come back and complete the form again.

Your Name
Reasons this person should be Left Hander of the year 2008
References for information about this person (links to web sites, articles, features etc.). We will include these with the nomination to help persuade other members of their merits!

You will be returned to a confirmation page after submitting and receive a confirmation email to say your submission was received OK

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