Left Handers Club Music Special

This is a special left-handed music update between our normal newsletters so just ignore it if it is not of interest to you.

Tommy Firefly - The Prettiest Star

We thought you may be interested in a project we are doing with our left-handed musician son Tom, who is having a bit of fun this week showing the Music Industry the power of the Internet!

We hope you will join us in this experiment to see whether the Internet has now truly become the way to share and expose music... and have a bit of fun at the same time.

left ear whisper
Tom in the studio playing left handed ukelele

Tom has already produced his own first album and has a big YouTube following.

We are trying to see if we can influence the music charts just for this week, by getting a song into the charts without the huge corporate music industry machine - simply by people power making others aware of the tune and downloading the track online in the next 72 hours - starting April 1st!   

The song is released under the persona of "Tommy Firefly" unknown to the Chart Compilers, and is a cover of a beautiful David Bowie track "The Prettiest Star" which has Tom's own unique interpretation, playing ukulele and accordion as well as doing the vocals. 

Click this link to see the video for the track

Tom as Tommy Firefly

We hope you like it as much as we do and we would really appreciate it if you would forward this newsletter to everyone in your email address book (left or right handed!) and we will see if we can create some magic! .

See the video here

That's all for this music update and we will be in touch again soon with our normal monthly newsletter

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren
and all at the Left Handers Club


P. S. If you like what we are doing at the Left- Handers Club, please tell your family and friends about us so they can benefit as well

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