Left Handers Club Newsletter March 2009

In this issue...

1. Lefty language - your feedback
2. The new Griffix writing range from Pelikan
3. Clarkson blasts left-handers
4. Ink eraser pens - work like magic!
5. Left handed Swiss Army knives

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1. Lefty language - your feedback

My piece in the last newsletter about left-handed language attracted a huge response and lots of comment on the words for "left-handed" around the world.

I have updated our page on lefty language and look out for these new additions:

left ear whisper
  • Filipino word Kaliwete also means unfaithful
  • Mexican Chueco also means twisted or not straight
  • The term Cuddy Handed is still in use in the North East of England - We had heard of Cuddy Wifter as an East London term before.
  • In America, a left-handed snowboarder is called "Goofy," and a lefty board is called a "Goofy Board."  This is because the board is designed to slant in the opposite direction of righty boards. 

2. The new Griffix writing range from Pelikan

Pelikan were one of the first manufacturers to make specific left-handed version of their pens and their junior and school cartridge pens have been popular for many years with customer of Anything Left-Handed.

Pelikan have now launched a new four-stage writing system to help children progress from colouring through to adult writing and they have made a complete left-handed version as well.

Griffix writing system

The system consists of four stages:

  1. Wax crayon
  2. Lead pencil
  3. Fibre tip pen
  4. Fountain pen
and each of the writing instruments is available in four bright colour options and has refills available.
Griffix ink writer

The pens all have a specially designed grip area to encourage the proper hold of the pen and the best writing position and there is an exercise book available for each stage that gives fun practice of the techniques and helps the child progress rapidly.

griffix writing exercises

We think this is one of the most exciting developments in teaching writing to children for a long time and can highly recommend it.

Find out more and see our video on the Griffix range here

We have also produced a video on each of the pens showing exactly what it does and how it works and you can see them on the product pages for each item - Use this link to see our Griffix section and click on any of the small images to see the full product details and videos.

3. Clarkson blasts left-handers
soldier firing gun right-handed

Journalist and motoring correspondent Jeremy Clarkson has written an interesting review of a new BMW car in The Times newspaper recently. The article mainly consists of derogatory comment about us left-handers, although he does also show a grudging respect for our achievements (at least I think that is what it is!).

Maybe we should not be too concerned, as Clarkson makes it his business to be rude about pretty much everyone, but we thought you may find the article interesting.

You can read the article on The Times website here

If you have any views about it, please email and let us know and maybe we will respond to Clarkson including a compilation of your comments!

4. Ink eraser pens - work like magic!

If you make a mistake when writing with ink, you need the magic ink eraser. We have recommended these before and we have just produced a short video showing exactly how they work

Click here to watch out video on the ink eraser / corrector pen
(it is at the bottom of the page)

ink eraser

5. Left handed Swiss Army Knives

Swiss manufacturer Wenger have finally responded to customer demand and produced two models of their genuine Swiss Army Knife in left-handed versions. The blade cut-outs and assembly are all reversed so you can open the blades using your right thumb while holding the body of the knife in your left hand ready for use.

left handed nail scissors

The also have fully left-handed (anti-clockwise) corkscrews and left-handed scissors with the blades reversed. Click here to find out more and see our demonstration video on the knives.

That's all for this month - we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren
and all at the Left Handers Club


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