Left Handers Club Newsletter January 2009

In this issue...

1. Exciting developments for 2009
2. Lefty Language
3. Top rated products from your reviews
4. Last few diaries and calendars left
5. Left and Right nail scissor sets are back

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1. Exciting developments for 2009

We would like to start by wishing you a belated Happy New Year and we hope that you and your family have a very successful 2009!

We have got lots of great new developments going on this year, including a complete redesign and update of the Anything Left-Handed website.

We are redesigning our layouts and navigation to make it easier for you to find products and information and we are also using a new "blog" platform (Wordpress) for all the information pages which will make it a lot easier for you to add your own comments and feedback and share the information with others. We want to speed up the conversation between ourselves and Club Members beyond what is currently possible with our newsletters, emails and web pages.

ideas for new website
colours for website We will be producing a lot more videos about being left-handed and left-handed products in 2009 and also responding to your requests to develop left-handed content on the social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace - we will let you know first about anything new we are doing in your newsletters.

if you have any ideas on what else you think we should be doing or would like to contribute yourself we will be very pleased to hear from you.

2. Lefty Language

We are often contacted by Members about words and phrases related to being left-handed in their language. It seems to have always been the case that any word that is used to mean "left-handed" has also come to mean something bad as well. From the Latin "sinister" to the French "gauche" and many more, it seems every country has its own lingual abuse for lefthanders!

What did we ever do to deserve all this?

left handed words and language

We have gone through all the emails and web site comments and updated our web page about lefty language recently and you can see some of the more "interesting" (!) ones below. If you have any other examples or know more about those shown on the web page please let us know.

  • The left hand in Hindi is called "Ulta Haanth", which literally translates to the opposite, wrong, bad hand. So much has this permeated that most lefties don't realise what they're saying, and wind up using the phrase themselves

  • Hungarian language is quite straightforward:1
    Right - "Jobb" (also a synonym for better) comes from the word "Jo" which means good
    Left - "Bal" (aslo a synonym for bad, or used grammatically negative meaning to positive word, for example:
    Balszerencse - "Left" Luck = disaster
    Baleset - "Left" event = accident
    etc....you get the point

  • Portuguese "Canhoto" is a popular name for the Devil here in Portugal and there are many superstitions and even popular festivities in which Canhoto appears as the Devil himself, in rituals such as "queimar o Canhoto" ("burning the Canhoto"), in some regions, a kind of Halloween.

For lots more like this and other interesting lefty language information
Click here to see our web page on left handed language

Now we are going to start a search for positive references to left-handedness in language! A quick search in Google brings up things like:

  • Left-handed materials have a positive refractive index (not really what we meant!)
  • The only positive use of "left" I know of is that "aristocrat" has the Greek word for "left" in its root, but then Greece was the birthplace of democracy – they may not have meant "aristocrat" to be complimentary either.

There must be more - please let us know what you can find.

3. Top rated products from your reviews
soldier firing gun right-handed

You may remember that we recently implement a new system to allow you to submit reviews of left-handed products you have tried. We have now had quite a few back and thank you to everyone who has contributed.

We have activated a list of the 15 top rated products that is calculated automatically based on your reviews and you can see them using the link below
Use this link to see the 15 top rated products from your reviews

If you have tried any left-handed items, please do add your own experiences by searching our site or navigating to the product and clicking on the "Write a review" link on the product page.

4. Last few diaries and calendars left

We are down to our last 20 calendars and 28 block diaries and these are not being re-printed so if you want one grab it now or you will have to wait until 2010! Click the images or the video links below to order yours now.

left handed blockcalendar 2009 Left handers desk diary

Use this link to see the video for the desk diary
Use this link to see the video for the block calendar

5. Left and Right nail scissor sets are back

left and right nail scissors

After what seems like many years we have finally managed to find a manufacturer for the leather scissor case and we have new curved nail scissors in matching stainless steel left and right handed versions from a top quality Italian manufacturer.

For all of you who have kept emailing asking when these were coming back - now is your chance!

Use this link to place your order

You can find the individual nail scissors also available on our manicure scissors page

left handed nail scissors

That's all for this month - we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren
and all at the Left Handers Club


P. S. If you like what we are doing at the Left- Handers Club, please tell your family and friends about us so they can benefit as well

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