Left Handers Club Newsletter December 2008

In this issue...

1. Lefthanders lagging in school tests
2. Christmas is coming - gift vouchers
3. Left-handedness in modern combat
4. Last few scissor packs available
5. Backwards calendar 2009 to download

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1. Lefthanders lagging in school tests

An important research study has been published this week that shows left and mixed-handers to achieve lower results in tests than their right-handed counterparts throughout their school career.

school tests and lefthanders

Although concerned at the results, we at the Left-Handers Club welcome the study which is undertaken by a respected research body, and highlights the need for more attention to be given to left handers in the classroom. It could potentially provide a breakthrough in the attituded of educationalists to handedness in their pupils. We will be investigating into the research further, and contacting the Economic and Social Research Council who conducted the study, and will keep you informed in future newsletters.

Use this link to see the full report

2. Christmas is coming

It's that time of year again, and your left-handed loved ones deserve something special from our great range of unique gifts to make their life a little bit easier.

Remember to visit our
"Top 10 Gift Ideas"
section for some inspiration, or have a look at the product slideshow we have recently put on the front page of the
Anything Left-Handed web site.

xmas tree

A lot of people have been asking if we do gift vouchers and we have just set up a system with Paypal to do just that - you can purchase a voucher to the value of your choice and have it emailed to the recipient's email address on the day you choose. They can then use that voucher to pay for all or part of their order at Anything Left-Handed. Any value not spent will be carried forward and it never expires so they can spend it any time they like.

gift certificate

If you were not sure what that special person would really want most, this vould be the answer! Use this link to find out about our gift vouchers.

Last recommended order dates for delivery before 25 December

USA, Canada, Japan, Eastern Europe Tuesday 9 December
Western Europe Thursday 11 December
United Kingdom Thursday 18 December
(we will despatch on Friday 19th)

We cannot guarantee these dates so please order as early as possible to avoid disappointment

3. Left-handedness in modern combat
soldier firing gun right-handed We were contacted recently by TV documentary film-maker and fellow leftie Will Aspinall to see if we could help with a new project he is working on. He thinks that left-handers are dangerously disadvantaged by military training programs and weapons designed for right-handers and that more could be getting injured and even killed as a direct result of this.

Previous research has shown that left-handers are more prone to accidents than right-handers, particularly related to using machinery and equipment that they find awkward to use left-handed and it seems reasonable that this could also apply to military hardware.

Will is just starting to research this and is filming interviews with people who have any relevant knowledge or experiences and has asked us if any Club members may be able to help.
Use this link to see his full message and contact details and we will keep you informed of his progress.

4. Last few packs of left-handed scissors remaining

We made up plenty of sets of the 3 discounted scissors and there are a few left so if you still want one
use this link to save more than 50% on three of our most popular scissors

Full details of the offer here

left handed calendar 2009

5. Backwards calendar 2009 to download

If you like your calendar to run from right to left (and to confuse all your right-handed friends), download the free Backwards calendar for 2009.

Use this link to go to the download page

left handed calendar 2009

That's all for this month - we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren
and all at the Left Handers Club


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