Left Handers Club Newsletter November 2008

In this issue...

1. Christmas is coming - gift ideas
2. Are lefties more inhibited?
3. Twitter - keeping you up to date
4. Culinare One Touch automatic openers
5. Left handed scissors offer
6. Long lost pens found in our office!
7. Left Handers Club video channel on YouTube
8. Left handed calendar and diary 2009

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1. Christmas is coming - gift ideas
Every lefty appreciates the thought that goes into giving them something designed specially for them. We have hundreds of gift ideas for all ages and price ranges on the Anything Left-Handed web site and if you need any inspiration,
Use this link to see our top 10 gift ideas
and make your choices now to be sure of getting them in plenty of time for Christmas.
Use this link to see the last ordering dates for pre-Christmas delivery in various parts of the world
Xmas tree

2. Are lefties more inhibited?
A behavioural test suggests that left-handed people are more prone to anxiety and inhibition than right-handers, but is this really true? The new study relating to the behaviour of left-handed people has sparked a flurry of media interest in recent weeeks. The research suggests that left-handed people are more likely to get anxious or feel shy or embarrassed about doing or saying what they want.
lefties shy?

Use this link to see the full story

3. Twitter - keeping you up to date
twitter logo We are always looking for new ways to keep members up to date and to pick up the latest news and stories of interest and we have started using a great new short messaging tool called Twitter.

It is completely free and you can post "Tweets" that tell people what you are doing so we are going to start posting bits of news, product updates and new articles put on our websites so you can pick out what you want to see.
Use this link to follow us directly on Twitter

You can set up a free account and see all our new tweets each time you log in and you can start twittering yourself to tell the world what you are up to.
twitter bird

We have also created a page on our website with a feed from Twitter and links to various tools you might find interesting:
Use this link to see our Twitter feed at Anything Left-Handed

4. Culinare One Touch automatic openers

The One Touch can opener has been really popular and is now available in 3 new colours - red, green and blue as well as the original white. If you have not already seen this amazing tool remove a can lid automatically with only one press of a button, have a look at our videos of it in action here

culinare one touch jar opener The crazy inventors have now come up with an even more amazing gadget - an automatic jar opener that removes even really tough lids with only a press of a button. We didn't believe it would work but it really does -
see the video of it in action here

Apart from being great fun and a way to impress visitors no end, these are seriously useful for people who struggle to open tins and jars and older folk with less strength than they used to have.

Use this link to order your can opener now
Use this link to order your jar opener now

5. Left handed scissors offer

Our most popular items have always been our left-handed scissors and Members seem to love giving them as Christmas presents. We have in our warehouse some stock of our best-selling code 260 and 259 general purpose scissors (both 8.5 inch / 215mm overall length) that arrived without our scissors cases on and, rather than repacking them all, we are going to offer them to Club members at a big discount.

set of 3 left handed scissors

We will put 2 pairs of code 260 soft grip scissors (above left, normally £6.95 / $11.26) and 1 pair of 259 black plastic handled-scissors (above right, normally £4.95 / $8.02) all in individual cellophane wrappings into a heavy duty grip seal bag and they would normally be priced at £18.85 / $30.54. As a Christmas bargain, Club members only can purchase the pack of three scissors for only £8.95 / $14.50 - more than 50% off!

We have put an insert into the outer bag with 3 copies of an explanatory note that you can put with the scissors if you are giving them as a gift. The insert has our logo and contact details on it and says:

"This is a genuine pair of fully left-handed scissors with the blades reversed (so the left blade is always on top). Just hold the scissors loosely in your left hand, in a vertical plane, and squeeze naturally without trying to manipulate the blades to make them cut like you have to with right-handed scissors. Look for the cutting line on the RIGHT side of the scissors - you do not have to turn them over to look outside like you used to. For more information, you can watch our short video on left-handed scissors here

That should sort out some presents!

Use this link to order your scissors at the discounted price

If they all go, we will remove the sales page from the website. So if you can still see it, you can still get your scissors.

6. Long lost pens found in our office!

This was one of our favourite pens but the manufacturer stopped making them! It has a lovely smooth left-handed nib and is a heavyweight metal pen with a black rubberised finish that gives a nice feel and good grip. It is a screw cap pen and has metal fittings and trim - this will last you for years.

escher left handed cartridge pen

We found a very small supply of these (35 in total) when we reorganised our office - all in perfect condition and individually sealed in plastic covers. We have put them into our individual pen boxes and are making them available to Left Handers Club Members only until they run out.

The original selling price of these pens was £29.95 but to clear this remaining stock you can have one at 50% off - only £14.95 if you are quick enough to get one before they all go.

Use this link to see a video of Keith demonstrating the pen

7. Left Handers Club video channel
youtube We are starting to make a lot more videos about left-handed products and being left-handed and you can see them on our Video Channel at YouTube here:

Click the subscribe button on that page and you will be automatically advised by email each time we upload a new video so you won't miss anything.

8. The left-hander's desk diary and block calendar

We have had a lot of questions from members asking for more information about these products so we have done a short video to show exactly what they are and what is inside them.

Use this link to see the video for the desk diary
Use this link to see the video for the block calendar

You can also order them on those pages

That's all for this month - we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren
and all at the Left Handers Club


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