Left Handers Club Newsletter August 2008

In this issue...

1. Happy Left Handers' Day!
2. Left-Hander of the Year 2008 - The Result
3. Lefties forge ahead on the road

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1. Happy Left Handers' Day!

We send our very best wishes to all Club members and fellow lefties worldwide on Left-Handers' Day, 13 August 2008.

Take a moment to consider how lucky you are to have been born into the exclusive 10% and to celebrate the advantages we all enjoy as well as maybe bringing right-handers' attention to some of the frustrations and annoyances we have from living in a work designed for the majority.
celebrate left handers day

However you celebrate the Day, do take some time to visit
www.lefthandersday.com to see what's new this year, top up your knowledge of fascinating facts, and have a go at the new
Left-Handers Quiz, for a chance to win some left-handed goodies.

lefty zone Remember to download your fun and free LEFTY ZONE posters to designate your kitchen, office or even local pub an area of compulsory left-handedness today, and get right-handers working back-to-front for a change! Do email us to let us know how it went!

2. Barack Obama voted Left-Hander of the Year!

Our thanks to all of you who voted for your Left-Hander of the Year, and we are pleased to announce that the winner is...

Barack Obama - Left-Hander of the Year 2008

barack obama left handed        left-handed obama

Runner up for the title was Sir Paul McCartney, closely followed by Angelina Jolie. Tennis champion Raphael Nadal garnered a substantial 15% of the vote, despite the contention about his natural handedness (he writes right-handed, but plays tennis left-handed) well ahead of American Idol runner-up David Archuleta. For more details on the nominees, and their left-handed traits click here.

The voting certainly started a heated debate about what constitutes "left-handed", with Nadal being backed and banned in equal measure! We also had a huge number of interesting comments on the whole idea of a Left-Hander of the Year. We will be reviewing all your comments in full to put together a feature on this in the September newsletter.

We will be trying to contact Mr Obama to tell him his fellow lefties have voted for him, but he is probably a bit busy at the moment! We'll let you know what he says.

3. Lefties forge ahead on the road

As always, Left-Handers Day has generated a variety of weird and wonderful stories circulated to the press by various companies in the hope they can benefit from the huge media interest The Day generates.

One particularly piece caught our attention from the British Car Recovery service the AA, who claim that left-handers make better drivers! This may, they suggest, be due to better clutch control with the left foot, and perhaps we have better manoevering because of our superior spatial awareness, but it is not something that we have heard suggested before.
left handed driver

Click here to find out more and post your views

That's about it for us today. We'll be back with a regular Newsletter next month, but in the meantime remember your Back to School packs and tools for school and don't miss out on the Cherry left-handed mouse offer

To all left-handers everywhere, thank you all for your support of the Left-Handers Club, and a Happy Left-Handers Day.

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren
and all at the Left Handers Club


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