Left Handers Club Newsletter July 2008

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1. Tennis produces two more left-handed legends
2. Left-Hander of the Year - Who would be your choice?

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1. Tennis produces two more left-handed legends

Yet again it's been an exciting week for left-handers, with two left-handed tennis champions emerging from The Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

The 2008 Men's Final came to a magnificent conclusion on Centre Court when Spanish left-hander Rafael Nadal brought the five-time champion Roger Federer crashing to earth in the longest, and quite possibly the finest, men's final in the history of The All England Club.

Raphael Nadal

Fellow left-hander and former world number one John McEnroe said "This is the greatest match I've ever seen", and with a duration of four hours 48 minutes, it easily became the longest ever, overshadowing the final between McEnroe and Jimmy Connors (another left-hander) in 1982, which had previously been the longest final.

Laura Robson In the biggest surprise of the tournament another left-handed player, British tennis's shining new star Laura Robson, became the first home player since Annabel Croft in 1984 to win the girls' singles title with a nerveless three-set victory against third seed Noppawan Lertcheewakarn of Thailand.

This talented 14 year old seems set to become another left-handed legend, and has already announced that she has her sights set on Venus Williams' crown as the queen of Wimbledon.

2. Left-Hander of the Year - Who would be your choice?

We were delighted to see left-hander Nadal win the Tennis Championship at Wimbledon last weekend, marking tennis as yet another area of excellence for left-handers. With so many left-handed high achievers in the news over recent months, we thought it only fitting to mark the fact by choosing a LEFT-HANDER OF THE YEAR to be chosen by you, our Left-Handers Club members, and announced on Left-Handers Day.

Nomination examples

We would like you to nominate your favourite high-profile left-hander, who must be someone in the public eye who has achieved greatness in their field, (e.g. sportsman, actor, politician, scientist). It can be anyone you particularly admire or who has done very well in their field this year.

Use this link to visit our nominations page

Just type in the name of the person you nominate, and why you think they should be Left-Hander of the Year. Please place your nominations by 28th July 2008. We will let you know the most popular nominees in our next newsletter, and give you the chance to vote for them before Left-Handers Day on 13th August.

PS - We are aware that although a phenomenal left-handed tennis player, Nadal is a natural right-handed writer. There are many other examples like this of successful sports people using their non-writing hand for their sport and we covered this in a previous newsletter (click here to see the article).

Our view is that if a person is best known as a left-hander in their area of excellence, they can qualify for our award, but let us know what you think.

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