Left Handers Club Newsletter June 2008

In this issue...

1. Left-handers become American idols!
2. Sublime rhymes - members' poems from a left-handed perspective
3. Left-Handers Day 2008 - Celebrate your handedness on 13th August
4. Member Offer on our best-selling Yoropen and pencil

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1. Left-handers become American idols!

Left-handed high achievers are everywhere!! We mentioned recently that Barak Obama and John McCain were high profile lefties in the US Presidential Elections, and with Obama securing his place as Democratic Candidate, we are now assured of yet another left-handed US president.

Music provided the platform for another hard-fought contest between left-handers in the US recently. Club Member Lee Albert has spotted that two finalists in the US talent show American Idol were also left-handed.

David Cook playing guitar left-handed

Singer David Archuleta and the eventual winner singer/musician/songwriter David Cook are both lefthanders and David (left) was regularly seen playing his left-handed guitar on the national TV contest. Lee tells us both contestants were repeatedly praised by judge Simon Cowell for being extremely creative in their music arrangements.

It would be very interesting to learn whether the winners of the UK-based talent shows that have been topping the TV ratings this weekend were among our select band - so if you know whether Jodie Prenger, the winning Nancy in "I'd Do Anything" or the 14 year old bodypopping dancer George Sampson, winner of "Britain's Got Talent" are left-handed - drop us a line and we'll add them to our left-handers Hall of Fame if they are!

2. Sublime rhymes - members' poems from a left-handed perspective

It seems we have some budding poets among our members! Colin has posted two poems on his Left Hand World Blog that have struck a chord with visitors, and Peter impressed us with a 16-verse insight into the trials of left-handedness.

Here is Colin's first verse:

Left handed poetry

It started off I couldn't write, with pen and ink it was a fight.
Two letters here , two letters there then blot it quick so it didn't smear.
Then came scissors, they would not snip. I just couldn't seem to get a grip.
Growing up was such a chore, even a simple thing, like opening a door.
My clumsiness I had to hide, when I found the handle on the wrong side.


Use this link to view Colin's Blog for the whole Poem and his follow-up

Thanks to all the members who have added their supportive comments.

This poem prompted another member, Peter Wilson, to send us a "left-handed ode" he has written and we have brought these poems plus the lyrics from the Lefty Lament song (and the audio performance) together in a single document you can see here:

Left handed poems and lyrics

If this inspires you to write anything of your own or you know of other poems or songs on the subject of being left-handed, let us know and we will add them to our collection.

3.Left-Handers Day 2008 -
Celebrate your left-handedness on 13th August

With the school year heading towards it's end, and everyone beginning to make plans for the summer, now is the time to consider Left-Handers Day on August 13th, and think about what you can do to mark the occasion.

Lefty Zone

The aim of the day is really to make right handed family members / friends / colleagues realise how "dextrous" (right-handed term, hmm.....) we have to be because we are constantly adapting a right-handed world to work for a left-hander. Getting them to do everyday tasks left-handed for a while is a perfect way to make the point - and have a bit of fun!

For instance, if you will be relaxing by the pool on your summer holiday, make Left-Handers Day an excuse for a fun game - left-handed volleyball on the beach, or left-hand only drinking at the bar - with forfeits for the losers and possibly a left-handed corkscrew for the winner!

Whether you will be at home, work or on holiday somewhere exotic on 13th August, there is always something you can do to make the point to right-handers around you, and get them thinking. Have a look at our Left-handers Day website for lots of ideas.


4. Member's Offer on our best-selling Yoropen pencil

We're pleased to be able to bring you a great offer on one of our most popular products this month - the award-winning Yoropen range. The offset writing tip and moveable rubber grip make it ideal for us left-handers as you can see what you have just written and are less likely to smudge it.

Click here to see our page all about Yoropens with animations showing how they work

So many of you find the unique design of the Yoropen beneficial for left-handed writing that we are going to encourage you to try it for yourself by giving you a best-selling Yoropen Refillable Pencil FREE when you order any Yoropen Superior writing pen during June 2008.

Just order one of these:

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Yoropen Superior

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Yoro pencil

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That's all for this month - we will be in touch again soon

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