Left Handers Club Newsletter April 2008

In this issue...

1. Left Hand World is open for testing (if you are quick!)
2. Great new left-handed garden pruner
3. New Stabilo pens

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1. Left Hand World is open!

We have mentioned in recent newsletters that we have been working on a new site that will give members far more interactivity and communication tools and it is now ready to open. Before we open it up to the world in general, we have got two great options available to our newsletter readers only.

We want to get some "hard core" lefthanders to give it a really good workout and tell us what they think while we continue to add more content and resolve any issues that arise. For the month of May only, we are going to allow in only 200 people so we can have a manageable test and then in June we will let in the rest of our newsletter readers at a much reduced price before it opens to the general public at the full price in July. If you want to get in early, see the details below.

Left Hand World

We will continue producing our free monthly Left Handers Club newsletters as in the past and you do not need to take any action to keep receiving them as normal.

But if you want to be a bit more active, meet other left-handers, read the latest news and developments on left-handedness, contribute and comment on left-handed content and take part in our discussion forums, we have just the site for you. It also has facilities for you to create your own web page and blog, create documents of your own, upload pictures and videos, hold text, audio and video chats with other members and loads more.

If you want to bring yourself right up to date with all the latest "Web 2.0" communication tools this is your way to do it - think of it as a combination of Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and Messenger plus your own web site and blog, video and picture sharing all in one place with one simple interface. If all that is just techno-babble to you, don't worry! It is all very simple and we will teach you how to use it all with training videos plus our own guides and tips and you will be up to speed in no time, amazing your friends and family with what you can do!

Wouldn't it be great if you could...

  • Create your own web page about you, your interests or business and have it indexed in the search engines for others to find

  • Instantly create your own "blog" or web diary including audio and video messages recorded from your webcam
  • Upload your holiday pictures or video from your camera and email your family a link to them while you were still away!

  • Find a fellow left-hander who shares your interests and talk to them free, with a video link, anywhere in the world

You could be doing all of this within hours and a huge amount more using the simple tools in Left Hand World. I will not go through all the applications and resources we have for you here as you can just follow the link below and take a good look for yourself, but we have been very excited by the feedback from the members who joined early to help us with testing it.

Use this link to see Left Hand World for yourself
(as a guest, with restricted access)

If you want full access to use everything in the site free for a month
Use this link to find out how to register (we only need 200 people for the first month and this newsletter is sent to over 60,000 members worldwide, so if you do want to be in early, you need to act quickly so you don't miss out).

Flags globe We have made a big investment in the new technology and implementing the site to make all the new features available to you so we will need to make a small charge for membership of the Left Hand World site, but we are sure you will agree it is excellent value once you get in and see all the things you can do - and you can get a month absolutely free to try it for yourself.

This is an easy way for you to see exactly what we have put together for you and try it for a month before you decide whether to pay your discounted membership or not, so why not give it a try?

Use this link to start your no cost trial now

Left hand thumbs up

If you have any questions about membership or how the site works, just reply to this email to ask Keith.

We look forward to seeing what you can do on the inside!

2. Great new left-handed garden pruner

We have been big fans of left-handed garden pruners (secateurs) for years. Like left handed scissors they have the blades reversed and should also have the blade locking mechanism reversed for left handed use. They make a huge difference when cutting back the garden and, for more delicate plants, give you a clean cut that avoids "ripping" stems and causing disease.

We have provided a wide range of pruners over the years but the very best product has always been the Felco Secateur. It is an excellent product and we still recommend it, but unfortunately it also comes with a "Rolls Royce" price, currently UK £44.95 (USD $87.65) for the standard version..

Darlac professional left-handed pruner
The Darlac Professional Left-Handed Pruner

The good news its that there is a now a serious competitor at a much lower price point. We have been providing Darlac left-handed pruners for many years and they are also a great product, especially at only £14.95 a pair. But now Darlac have excelled themselves by producing a professional pruner to rival the Felco in quality and at only UK £29.95 per pair. We have tried this in our own garden on our toughest Rhododendrons and Laurels and they work a treat!

As their biggest customer for left-handed pruners, we have obtained an initial order of 100 pairs from Darlac at a big discount and can offer them to you at only UK £19.95 (US $38.90) per pair until that stock runs out. If you are a gardener, we recommend that you get hold of a pair of these while you can.

Use this link to order your Darlac Professional Left Handed Pruners

3. New Stabilo pens

Swan Stabilo continue to expand their range and as they have produced such great left-handed versions of their s'Move Easy pens and pencils we are also stocking their new triangular barrel felt tip pens.

Stabilo Scribbi pens

The "Scribbi" range are chunky triangular felt pens with spring-loaded tips that sink back into the body under pressure so they are not damaged by over-aggressive youngsters! Available in a flat pack of 8 or a stand-up desk set of 12.

The "Trio A-Z" pens have a slimmer triangular body and fine 0.7mm tip. Available in sets of 12 or 30 including fluorescent colours.

Both have washable ink.

Follow this link to our Stabilo page - they are near the bottom

That's all for this month - we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

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and all at the Left Handers Club

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