Left Handers Club Newsletter March 2008

In this issue...

1. New book - Your Left Handed Child
2. Left Hand World - the Club evolves!
3. Left handed tape measure
4. Left-Handed Presidents feedback

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1. New book - Your Left Handed Child
Your left handed child

A little under 2 years ago our own Lauren Milsom was approached as a leading authority on handedness, and commissioned by international publisher Hamlyn to write a detailed guide to life as a left-handed child, with guidance for parents and teachers. Now, we are pleased and proud to announce the publication of her work - "Your Left-Handed Child".

Essential reading for any parent or teacher of a left-handed child, this book is a practical and comprehensive guide to the challenges your left-handed child may encounter from their first years right through school life and beyond.

From basic skills like dressing and handwriting, to learning new sports and musical instruments, this beautifully illustrated book explains common problems caused by right handed bias in equipment and layout and offers ways to help your child harness their natural creativity and problem-solving skills to become adaptable and confident in a right-handed world.

More information about the contents and images of page spreads

Use this link to order your copy of this great new book

2. Left Hand World - the Club evolves!

We have been working for some time now to move the Club on from being just a monthly email newsletter to be a real community for left-handers worldwide with the latest technology for sharing information and resources and communicating with each other.

Left Hand World is a membership site we are developing using state-of-the-art community and communications systems for left-handers worldwide. Some of the features included are:

  • Interactive left-handed information, surveys, polls
  • Create your own web page and blog, including easy audio and video entries
  • Interactive discussion forums including special interest sub-groups
  • File sharing, photo and video galleries
  • Real time text, audio and video chat between members - free international video calls!


Left Hand World

Use this link to find out more about all the features included

If you are an "early adopter" and want to get first try at all the new facilities as soon as they are live, just enter your name and email in the box on the page linked above and we will invite the first 50 people to test-drive it and give some feedback on how well it works and any improvements you would like to see. We hope to have it available for all members to use by the end of April 2008.

Click here to find out more and be contacted as soon as it is ready

3. Left handed tape measure

We have just taken delivery of a big new order for the left-handed tape measures and can do an offer to members who want one at a much reduced price to bring our stock down a bit!

Left handed tape measure This is a retractable 5 metre / 16 foot metal tape measure that is scaled from right to left - start at the right side of the item you are measuring and extend the tape by pulling the body to your left in your left hand.

This item is normally £9.95 ($19.40) but for orders placed by members before 11 April 2008 the price is reduced to only £5.95 ($11.60)

Use this link to place your order

4. Left-Handed Presidents feedback
Barak Obama left-handed

Our story last month about the two leading US presidential candidates both being left-handed sparked a lot of interest and we had loads of emails giving further information. We have created a new page on the web site for the original story and the feedback and you can see it here

Use this link for more on left-handed US presidents and member feedback

This is a great example of a story that could go into the Left Hand World discussion forum and allow members to comment and add information in real time without having to send emails to us or wait for our responses.

That's all for this month - we will be in touch again soon

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