Left Handers Club Newsletter February 2008

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1. Left-Handed Presidents
2. Left-Handed Musicians
3. CD For you to listen to

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1. Left-Handed United States Presidents

There has been a great tradition of left-handed presidents, especially in recent years. This is a list that appears on a lot of websites...

James A. Garfield  (1881) 20th
Herbert Hoover  (1929-1933) 31st
Harry S. Truman  (1945-1953) 33rd
Gerald Ford  (1974-1977) 38th
Ronald Reagan  (1981 -1989) 40th
George H.W. Bush  (1989-1993) 41st
Bill Clinton  (1993-2001) 42nd

There is some doubt about Hoover and Reagan as some images seem to show both of then writing right-handed, but often images get flipped unintentionally. Our "Left Handed History Of The World" book includes Reagan among the left-handed presidents - was he made to change hands for writing? Does anyone know for sure so we can put this to bed? Ronald Reagan - a switched left-hander?

What IS interesting is that BOTH of the leading presidential candidates this year are left-handed writers - Barack Obama and John McCain.

Barak Obama left handed      John McCain left handed

They both seem to have a bit of a "hook" in the writing style as well! If one of them does become the next US president (and assuming Reagan is a natural left-hander), that will be 5 out of the last 7 (71%) when only about 10% of the population are left-handed - Go Lefties!

2. Left Handed Musicians

We have started doing some more work on our left-handed links pages, listed useful sites about all aspects of left-handedness that we think you may find useful. We often get contacted by up and coming left-handed musicians (and some a bit longer in the tooth) asking if we will feature them or add a link to their website for fellow lefties to follow and we have now got round to doing just that!

We are just getting started with this and are working on some better formatting for the links pages, but you can get an idea how it will look here

Left-handed guitarists links

We have started with a list of left-handed guitarists featured in John Engel's book "Uncommon Sound", but we need a lot more! If you know any famous left-handed musicians, please use the form on this page to pass on their information and we will add them to our list.
Form for advising us of famous left-handed musicians
Jimi Hendrix - keft handed guitar

We are also interested in new and unsigned musicians as we may be able to give them a bit of help by linking to their pages, and sources for left-handed instruments and learning materials. If you are a lefty musician or supply left-handed musical resources, use the link request form here to let us know:
Link request form for left-handed musicians and resources

3. Left-Handed Music - Awkward Ballads For The Easily Pleased

Tom Milsom plays left handed ukelele

Talking of left-handed musicians, our own Tom plays everything left-handed and has written, performed and recorded an amazing CD of 13 songs that will entertain and move you. Piano, vocals, ukelele, drums, bass, synthesisers, even a kazoo. Influences include They Might Be Giants, Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists, Kimya Dawson. The CD has just be digitally re-mastered and professionally replicated so the sound is great.

Click here to have a listen to some samples (2 min 30 seconds video)

You can get a lot more information, hear all the tracks full-length and download individual tracks on the www.tmtunes.com site, or you can get the CD (which includes a 12 page full colour booklet with his artwork, information and all the lyrics) on the Anything Left-Handed website and have it sent with any other left-handed items you want.
Awkward Ballads..Tom Milsom

We have used our influence with Tom to get the physical CD discounted from £9.95 to only £5.95 (US Dollars $11.60) for Club Members - Enter promotion code TM in our online shop to get your £4.00 discount.
Use this link to go to the CD page in our shop

Whether you order the CD or not, we would be really interested to know what you think of Tom's music.
Use this link to email Keith with your comments

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