Left Handers Club Newsletter January 2008

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In this issue...

1. Great offer on Newly Launched Stabilo range
2. Heated debate at the Science Museum
3. Left-handed hammers - more "good" ideas
4. Last chance offers on Calendars and Stationery Sets

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1. Great offer on Newly Launched Stabilo range

We are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting addition to the popular S'move Easy ergonomic pen range - the EasyErgo Mechanical Pencil, great for all ages but especially for pre-school and younger school children.

Stabilo EasyErgo mechanical pencil

This HB mechanical pencil has an innovative ergonomic design, specially developed for children who are just starting to write. It has a moulded grip zone in comfortable non-slip material specifically designed to guide little left-handed users into the perfect pencil hold. With the correct writing position, your child will then adopt a relaxed comfortable grip, as the S'move Easy requires only light pressure to glide softly over the paper.

They are also popular with older children and adults as they are very comfortable to use, the lead can be kept sharp with just a few turns of the special sharpener and the ratchet mechanism means you can quickly retract the lead inside the pencil or extend it for use.

Stabilo have obviously put a lot of thought into the EasyErgo package and made specific versions of the pencil and sharpener for left and right-handers. The lefty sharpener is reversed so the pencil lead turns anti-clockwise in our natural direction. They even get the printing the correct way round!
Using the Stabilo pencil - with left handed and right handed versions

The pencil comes in 2 bright colours, with space for a name sticker to personalise your pencil so it doesn't go astray, plus the unique benefit of a left-handed sharpener! It also comes with 1 HB lead and you can order spares in packs of 6.

Stabilo rollerball new colours ALSO NEW, teenagers will love the new "Teen colour ranges" of our best-selling Stabilo S'move Easy rollerball,which have just been introduced. The S'move Easy rollerball writes like a fountain pen but glides easily across the page, using fully correctable ink (using standard ink eraser pens, available separately). It has the ergonomic left-handed grip that really helps left-handed writing and the new colours are perfect for the desk of any teenager or adult.

Recommended by Anything Left-Handed and by teachers and parents, these welcome additions to the Stabilo S'move Easy range mean there is now an ergonomic Stabilo for left-handers of all ages.

Please Note: The EasyErgo Pencil is not yet available in shops, as Stabilo have this product exclusive to Anything Left-Handed until 2009. For this reason, we are also stocking the right-handed version so everyone can benefit.

Exclusive LHC Members Offer on Stabilo Products

To introduce these new pencils and pens, we are pleased to offer LHC Members any 4 pens or pencils for the price of 3 for a limited period. This offer applies to any pens and pencils across the Stabilo S'move Easy range and you are welcome to mix and match between styles, colours and left or right handed ones.

Just add your choices to your basket and when you put the fourth item in it will show the £4.99 discount for the free pen /pencil.
Click here to order any 4 Stabilo S'move Pens for just £14.97 plus p&p
Offer ends 29 February 2008 and is for LHC members only.

Don't forget your ink and lead refill packs and also the corrector pens that magically erase the blue rollerball ink.

2. Heated debate at the Science Museum

Last month, Lauren was invited to speak at an event on left-handedness organised by the Science Museum's Dana Centre in London.
The event was great fun, and extremely well attended, with guests taking their seats to the sounds of our own Ian Radburn's "Lefties Lament" song (written many years ago for our Left-Handers' Day Celebrations in Covent Garden).

The event was hosted by Richard Wiseman, Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at University of Hertfordshire, who began by dividing the audience into left and right handers. He then showed the brain teaser pictured here

Left handed brain test

which many of you will be familiar with, and which is supposedly far easier for left-handers to work out than right-handers, as it requires us the see past the dots, and find the image that is hinted at. Gratifyingly, the left-handers were significantly quicker in finding the Dalmation Dog sniffing the ground in the image, with many right-handers not seeing it at all!

All three invited speakers, Prof. Mike Burt, Lauren Milsom and Prof. Chris McManus, discussed a different aspect of how left-handedness affects our everyday life. Use this link to read our full report on the event.

3. Left-handed hammers - more "good" ideas

You may remember our tongue-in-cheek item in the last Newsletter about "left-handed hammers" and other tools? Well, not surprisingly it created quite a bit of interest from members, and we thank you for your comments.

This question was actually posted on the Yahoo website, and you can see the responses here (if you can bear the groaning puns): These were some ideas on places where you could buy a left-handed hammer...

Left handed hammer
  • Most DIY shops will sell them, between left handed screw drivers and right handed spanners ,and near to the long stands
  • The same place that you buy tartan paint!
  • You can find those in the "left-handed" aisle at your local Home Depot. Ask one of their sales associates to help you....smiling.....
  • I keep mine next to my box of spare bubbles for my spirit level and my skirting board stepladder

LHC Member Robert Callet felt he had to write and set us straight on one point:-

"I must take exception with the concept that the monkey wrench (adjustable spanner) does not have handedness. The adjustable thumb knob for opening and closing the wrench, is designed for right handed use and its operation is reversed when used left handed (clockwise, anti-clockwise argument of strength of the thumb or hand to apply pressure to do the job correctly.) This applies to any size adjustable wrench. But we, as left handers have once again adapted as we have had to with many tools. Invent a left handed monkey wrench and really confuse the right handed world!"

Good point Robert, and thanks for the idea!

4. Last chance offers on Calendars and Stationery Sets

As we move into 2008, it is worth reminding you that we only have a small number of Left-Handers Block Calendars left in stock, and this is your last chance to learn more of the fascinating facts, trivia and famous lefties that are revealed as you tear off another day. We have reduced the price by 50% to clear our remaining stock, so if you are quick, you can buy one now for only £4.99. (Once they are sold out, there will not be a buy button on the page).
Click here for more details and to order before it is too late

We are also discontinuing our Children's Stationery Set Code 582 so if you would like to get your little left-hander organised with one of these brightly coloured sets of left-handed goodies, order now for only £3.00 (Reduced from £5.95) while stocks last.
Use this link to order


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