Left Handers Club Newsletter November 2007

In this issue...

1. Left-Handed "Club Cards"
2. FREE left-handed scissors - really!
3. Top left-handed products videos
4. Left-Handed pranks and tricks
5. Eggheads quiz show report
6. Last order dates for Christmas delivery

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1. Left-Handed "Club Cards"

We had a few emails from Members recently that made us think...

Keith, Hi Mate:   I'm looking for some cards (like business type), so when I meet a fine Lefty..... I can give them a clever saying and your web site to get stuff... Do you have such a thing... Jay, Idaho, USA 

My name is Jan and I am a member of Your club from Sweden. What I want, if it is possible, is a pack of cards with your email address and other ways to get in touch with the Club. Almost every day I bump into people who are left handed and you instantly feel a connection, like you are special and have something rare in common.

I would like to take the opportunity to hand out cards to these people - just for fun and maybe to help you (no, it is not a way to pick up women, I am married with 3 children, all right handed I am sorry to say). So what do you think, is it a bad idea?

We think it is a great idea and we are delighted that you are so keen to promote your Club!. This is what we have come up with - it will be printed double sided in full colour in a standard business card size and be gloss laminated to make it look professional and last longer...

Club card side 1

Club card side 2

These are being printed at the moment and should be with us on Friday 29 December and we will send out a pack of 5 with each order we receive (see below).

2. Free Left-Handed Scissors

We want to give you a Christmas gift and let you find out for yourself how great our left-handed scissors are so you can tell all your friends about them.

Left handed scissors - no charge!

We are going to give away 500 pairs of our best-selling general purpose left-handed scissors with fully reversed blades that are normally UK Pounds 4.95 (USD 9.65)..... completely FREE. After the 500 have gone, we will increase the price to £1.95 and then back to the normal £4.95 after Christmas (this newsletter goes out to more than 60,000 members so be quick if you want a pair!)

That's right - no strings, if you are one of the first 500 people to order a pair of scissors on the special Club Members' page and pay the standard UK Pounds 3.50 (USD 6.82) worldwide postage and packing charge, you will get the scissors free.

You will also have the chance to order Children's scissors at HALF PRICE on the same page.

Click here to get your scissors at no charge

If you are not sure why left-handed scissors will make a huge difference for you, have a look at our short demonstration video, or our full video on left handed scissors and cutting

3. Top 10 Left Handed gift ideas

If you are looking for inspiration for Christmas presents, here is something that may help you. Based on orders placed so far this Christmas period, we have produced a list of the top 10 favourite items and a brief video for each showing how it is left-handed and why people love them.

Click the image to find out what is top!

Videos of top 10 left-handed products

4. Left-Handed pranks and tricks

Left-handedness has a long tradition of being associated with pranks, whether tricking the new apprentice at work or "hazing" a new College Student.

Sending the new kid to fetch a left-handed item that doesn't exist has been a favourite prank for countless generations, and a list of examples has been compiled by the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE). They asked participants from across the United States about “ways of teasing a beginner or inexperienced person – for example, by sending him for a ‘left-handed monkey wrench’.”

A monkey-wrench – better known to English-speakers outside North America as an adjustable spanner – has no handedness, of course. It’s not like a guitar, which has to be specially made for southpaws.

A brand-new construction worker might not know that though, or that there’s no such thing as a left-handed hammer**, and he might be reluctant to question the orders of a new boss, so duly sets off on his fruitless search much to the delight of his older colleagues.

Would a new restaurant busboy or dishwasher know that there isn’t such a thing as a left-handed sugar bowl, coffee cup, or frying pan? Maybe not, but confusing people in this way has become a time-honoured tradition. DARE’s respondents gave 38 different kinds of imaginary left-handed things for which they’d send the greenhorn, newbie, or novice.

Left handed hammer ** On the subject of left-handed hammers, we were recently told by a builder, himself a proud leftie, that he has come across a hammer that is weighted to work better in the left hand. Despite our disbelief, he is adamant that such a tool exists. His theory is that you do not hit "straight on" with a hammer, but slightly across your body from the shoulder towards the nail directly in front of you, and a hammer head which is weighted slightly on one side helps increase the efficiency of each blow.

If any of you have ever heard of this, or any other left-handed variants on tools that really do exist, please let us know, otherwise we may have to add the weighted left-handed hammer to the list of "fantasy tools" above, next to the monkey wrench!

5. Eggheads quiz show report

After all the excitement, the quiz was finally aired on 12 November and we hope that those of you who were able to watch it enjoyed the show. Our Left-Handers team put up a strong fight, with all 4 of our "head to head" contestants getting their first 3 answers correct and forcing their opposing Egghead into the sudden death round.

Unfortunately, each of our team members narrowly lost their round, leaving Keith on his own in the final General Knowledge round facing the might of all 5 Eggheads working together. After a good start, the following question caused Keith some confusion...

Which City recently made its police force wear "Hello Kitty" armbands as a punishment for breaking the rules?

Not knowing what a Hello Kitty armband was and never having seen this story, he was stumped and wrongly guessed "Tokyo" (it was actually Bankgok and Hello Kitty is a Japanese brand for young girls).

The Eggheads got their next question correct and it was all over!

Hello Kitty armband

Sorry we could not do better, but it was a lot of fun and, hopefully, has made a lot more people aware of the Left-Handers Club.

6. Last order dates for Christmas delivery
Christmas delivery Just a reminder of the last dates for ordering your left-handed gifts for delivery before 25 December.
Area Last order date
United Kingdom Tuesday 18 December
Western Europe Wednesday 12 December
USA, Canada, Japan, Eastern Europe Sunday 9 December
Rest of World Thursday 6 December

Make sure you get to the Anything Left-handed online shop to order your gifts in plenty of time

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