Left Handers Club Newsletter October 2007

In this issue...

1. Eggheads quiz show report
2. New ultra non-smudge pens
3. Left-footed kickers in Rugby World Cup final
4. A left handed history of the world
5. Rotating dancer - a bit of fun
6. Left Handers' Day prize quiz winners

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1. Eggheads quiz show report

The Left Handers' Club team have been to BBC TV Centre and taken on the Eggheads. We are sworn to secrecy over the result but we understand it is being shown on BBC2 in the UK on 12th November at 6.00 PM.

The Left Handers Club Eggheads team
The LHC team (front) with The Eggheads

We had a great day at the BBC and we think we can be proud of our performance. We have put together some more information on the Eggheads quiz and our team and also done a picture diary if the day.

Follow this link to find out more

2. New ultra non-smudge pens
The Mitsubishi Pen Company have created a great new range of gel pens that are specially useful for left-handers because they do not smudge. The new fast-drying gel ink dries instantly so it will not smudge even if you wipe over it immediately after writing. They also write very smoothly when pushed across the page with the left hand.
Jetstream non-smudge pens

We could not believe it when we first saw them, but it is true! Keith has made a short video of him testing the pens to show how good they are and you can see it here:

Link to Jetstream pen information and Keith's video

We have these pens in stock in both the cap version in 8 different colours and the push button style in 3 colours.

Jetstream non smudge gel rollerball range

The pens are UK Pounds 2.49 each (USD 4.86) and seem to last forever. We currently have an offer for Club members where you can order any 3 pens from the range a get a fourth free.

Click here to order (just add pens to your basket and every fourth one will show free in your order)

3. Left-footed kickers in Rugby World Cup final

If you watched the recent Rugby World Cup final between England and South Africa you probably noticed that the two key kickers who scored most of the points were both left-footers.

Left footer Jonny Wilkinson
Jonny Wilkinson
of England
Left footer Percy Montgomery
Percy Montgomery
of South Africa

Not all left footers are necessarily left-handed as well. Jonny signs autographs left-handed but Percy is a right-handed writer.

4. A left handed history of the world

From Alexander the Great to Joan of Arc, Henry Ford to Jimi Hendrix, left-handers have always featured strongly among the famous and infamous, and a fascinating new book explores the question of why such a high number of left-handed people feature in influential moments throughout history.

A Left Handed History of the World "A Left-Handed History of the World" author Ed Wright explains the secret of lefty success through fascinating case studies of notable left-handers from ancient to modern times. Highlighting "leftie traits" that would have contributed to their success, this beautifully illustrated book profiles a host of famous left-handers from Julius Caesar and Isaac Newton to Paul McCartney and Bill Gates and forms an impressive list of successful and influential sinistrals, that makes fascinating reading for left and right handers alike.

If you have an interest in famous left-handers, this book is for you, or it would make a great Christmas present for a fellow leftie! A Left-Handed History of the World by Ed Wright. Paperback 256 pages full colour 186mm x 265mm, 7.25 in x 10.5 in. £14.99 (USD 29.23) plus p&p.

Click here to see a full review of the book by the Author
Order your copy here

5. Rotating dancer - a bit of fun

Here is a fun exercise in right brain -v- left brain thinking:

Use this link to see the graphic and see what you think

The dancer appears to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise, supposedly depending on which side of your brain is dominating your thought process whilst watching. See if you can make her turn in the reverse direction, just through the power of thought!

6. Left Handers' Day quiz winners

The two prize quizzes from Left-Handers' Day have now been judged and we have done the draw for 10 winners in each quiz. Congratulations to all the winners and you will be notified individually by email so we can get your mailing address to send your chosen prizes.

We had thousands of entries so thank you to everyone who joined in and commiserations if you did not win a prize this time.

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