Left Handers Club Newsletter July 2007

In this issue...

1. Does being left-handed affect your career choice?
2. New Left-Handers Day website launched for 13th August 2007
3. LHD website goes Multi-Lingual
4. Left-handers in sport - not all what they seem?
5. Improve your golf - 2 for one videos offer
6. New product: multimedia left-handed keyboards
7. BBC "Eggheads" Quiz Show calls for left-handed team!
8. Left Handers Essentials Pack at 40% off

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1. Does being left-handed affect your career choice?

It has often been suggested that we left-handers are more creative and artistic and tend to choose jobs and hobbies in fields where this is important. To see if this is the case, we are asking you to take part in our new LHC study to find out among other things, whether left-handers are proportionally more common (i.e. more than 1 in 10 people) in professions and leisure pursuits which call for a high degree of creativity or artistic flair.

The Left-Handers Life Choices Survey is being launched for Left-Handers Day, 13th August 2007 and will be the most widespread survey of left-handers’ careers and interests ever produced.

Why are there more left-handed architects and computer people than expected and less left-handers in administrative jobs?

You can see more background on the survey, look at the preliminary results and complete it yourself on our new Left-Handers Day 2007 website here

2. New Left-Handers Day website launched
for 13th August 2007
Left handers day new web site

Left Handers Day on August 13th each year is the day we celebrate how lucky we are to have been born left-handed and raise awareness of some of the practical difficulties lefthanders face in a right-handed world.

We have completely redesigned and rebuilt our website for the day with a lot of new information, the Life Choices survey, prize quizzes for you to try and free posters available to download and print.

View the new Left Handers Day website

Here's a few ways you can celebrate Left-Handers Day at home, school or work on 13th August 2007:-

  • Download free posters for the Day to create your own Lefty Zone and raise awareness of some of the challenges and frustrations facing left-handers.

  • Try our Left Handed Quiz and win a prize from our left-handed selection.

  • Identify the Famous Left-Handers on the website for another chance at a prize

  • Try our Brainteasers and the MENSA quiz for High IQ geniuses
    (left-handers are usually good at these)

  • Listen to the Lefties Lament song - Ian Radburn's brilliant lyrics always make us laugh!

Visit the new Left-Handers Day website for more information and to take part in the quizzes and games. Why not organise an event yourself in a local library or shopping centre? Or maybe a left-handed or footed sports match might be more your style?

Let us know what you do and send any photos you take and we will add them to our pages of reports on the day.

3. Left-Handers Day website goes Multi-Lingual

You may have noticed the line of flags across the new LHD website:

Language translation flags

As a large number of our Club members and site visitors do not have English as their first language we thought it was time to get translating! We have been testing website translation software for a while and we think we have found a good one that seems to work well.

By clicking the appropriate flag at the top of any page you can translate it all into...

Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (Mandarin)


The problem is that we do not speak a lot of those languages ourselves so we cannot tell how good the translation service is! If you are a native speaker of any of these languages, we would be very interested in your comments. If you are interested in the translation software we are using you can find out about the Website Translator package here.

4. Left-handers in sport - not all what they seem?

In the last issue of this Newsletter, we reported on left-handed Spanish tennis champion Rafael Nadal, who hoped to repeat his resounding win against Roger Federer at the French Open when they met at Wimbledon. As any of you watching the fantastic Wimbledon final between the two regular opponents and off-court friends will know, Federer won the closely fought match to take the Wimbledon cup for the 5th time.

But many of you have pointed out that phenomenal as Nadal may be as a left-handed tennis player, he is in fact a natural right-handed writer. This is not uncommon among sporting champions, and indeed we have actually had the issue raised by Championship Cricketer David Gower. Well known for the left-handed batting prowess on which he built his career, the former England captain contacted us some years ago to ask whether, as a natural right-hander he was still eligible to be an Honorary Member of the Left-Handers Club!
Rafael Nadal

This raises an interesting point. Should champions in their field, such as Nadal, Gower and golfer Phil Mickelson who have all reached the pinacle of their career as left-handers be omitted from the ranks of famous left-handers because they are not consistent in their handedness for other tasks? Does their right-handed mastery of a pen overshadow their left-handed mastery of their chosen sport, and disqualify them from the ranks of the left-handed in society?

To turn the point around, how many of you are left-handed writers yet play sport right handed? No doubt quite a few, as mixed handedness is fairly common. Yet presumably you still consider yourself left-handed, even though you might have a dominant right eye or foot, which both play a major part in deciding which hand we feel better using for certain activities and sports. Assuming that some sporting greats may also be left dominant in all but handwriting, is it acceptable to welcome them into the left-handers Hall of Fame?

Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic Incidentally, we must congratulate another left-handed tennis player who shone at Wimbledon last weekend, Scotland's Jamie Murray (older brother of the better known Andy Murray, who was off injured). Murray and his partner, Jelena Jankovic of Serbia, delighted the Centre Court crowd with a thrilling 6-4, 3-6, 6-1 victory against fifth

seeds Jonas Bjorkman of Sweden and Alicia Molik of Australia in the mixed doubles final. To our knowledge, Jamie is also a left-handed writer!

5. Improve your golf - 2 for one DVDs offer

Golf is one of the sports a lot of natural left-handers play right-handed (including Anything Left-Handed owner Keith). Keith has been grinding away at golf for years at a 28 handicap, getting down to 24 when he started playing a bit more. Over the past year or so, he has managed to reduce his handicap down to 14 and is playing steadily off that and hoping to improve further.

What has made that huge difference is something called "The Simple Golf Swing", an eBook by David Nevogt and now the subject of a series of golf videos from PurePoint Golf. It is all about simplifying the way you swing the club and hit the ball and learning little tricks that help in all aspects of your game.

Keith says - " I always felt I was trying too hard and I was very inconsistent. Now I feel like I am hitting the ball half as hard but it is going much further than before and actually going where I aim it. I have been winning a few trophies at my golf club and more than enough in side bets to cover the cost of the original ebook and DVDs I bought!"

Simple Golf Swing ebook

If you are a golfer, playing left or right-handed, we are sure you will see a big improvement in your game from trying the Simple Golf Swing. Keith has persuaded David Nevogt to produce a left-handed version of the eBook and to give members of the Left Handers Club a "two for one" offer on the series of DVDs as well as his normal guarantee that you will cut 7 shots from your normal game within months or can claim your money back.

Full golf swing DVD

Click here for more information about the book and DVDs

Don't buy the DVDs from the links on that page!

Click this link to take advantage of the 2 for 1 offer that Keith has arranged - just order the Full Swing DVD and get the Short Game, Driver or Putting DVD free of charge.

6. New product: multimedia left-handed keyboards

We have sourced a new left-handed keyboard that is good quality and with a low price - just what people have been asking for! The numeric keypad and additional keys are situated to the left of the board, which allows the natural movement of your left hand to access the numeric pad. Multi media hot keys across the to give fast access to common functions:

Left handed multimedia keyboard
  • Sleep
  • WWW
  • Search
  • Email
  • Favourites
  • Mute
  • Volume+
  • Volume-
It has a PS/2 connection which should fit any desktop or portable computer and the best thing is that they are only UK Pounds 29.99.
NOTE - This is a UK Format keyboard and we can send it by post to the UK. If you want one outside the UK, please email danielle @ anythingleft-handed.co.uk for a delivery quote.
PS2 connector for left handed keyboard

Click here to order your left-handed keyboard (in black or beige)

7. BBC "Eggheads" Quiz Show calls for left-handed team!
Ever heard that left-handers are geniuses? Well if you subscribe to that view, and consider yourself a clever lefty, why not contact us and apply to join a team to take part in the BBC TV Quiz Show "Eggheads" hosted by Dermot Murnaghan.
Eggheads quiz

The show's producers are looking for a team of six people from the Left-Handers Club to pit their wits against a resident team made up of previous Quiz Show Champions, who the show describe as "Intellectual Giants" - no pressure then!!

Click here for more information on the show and get in touch with us if you would like to join Keith Milsom in forming a Left-Handers Club team to go on the show! (it will be filmed in the UK)

8. Left Handers Essentials Pack at 40% off

We have put together four of our most popular left-handed items for you to try at a big discount.

Left Handers Essentials Pack

  • Left-handed soft-grip scissors (fully reversed blades)
  • Victorinox swivel peeler with left-angled handle
  • Left-handed geared rotary tin opener
  • Left handed corkscrew (anti-clockwise action)

Together, these items would normally cost UK Pounds 19.10 (US Dollars 36.30) but our special offer for Club Members for July only is 40% off £11.45 (USD 22.33).

Click here to order your essentials set

That's it for this month - we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

Keith & Lauren Milsom 
and all at the Left Handers Club

P.S. Keith has been so busy redesigning and producing the website and competitions for Left-Handers Day that he has not had time to finish the website of Internet Marketing, Web Development and other tools and reports, but they will definitely be available for next month's newsletter

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