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1. Left Handed Tennis Winner
2. Media News
3. New - Culinare One Touch automatic can opener
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1. Left Handed Tennis Winner

LEFTY NADAL WINS THE 2007 FRENCH OPEN! Sunday, June 10, 2007

The left-handed powerhouse Rafael Nadal made tennis history on Sunday June 10 by becoming only the second man since 1914 to win three consecutive French Open titles. Nadal beat Roger Federer to the title for the second year running, showing true resolve on the biggest points to beat Federer 6-3, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4.

The Swiss Federer had to work so hard to win the second that he looked mentally tired coming out in the third set, where he was immediately broken. With a break in hand, 21 year old Nadal upped his level, sending Federer all over the court until he took his legs out from under him. Nadal adeptly mixed up his serves and consequently saw enough mid-court balls to be able to seize control of the points. "I always thought winning Roland Garros three times in a row would be impossible," said Nadal, the first to do it since Bjorn Borg in 1978-81.

Left handed tennis winner Rafael Nadal

The 21-year-old Spaniard is undefeated at 21-0 on the Roland Garros clay-court, where his relentless running makes it tough for foes to find space for winning shots. All eyes will now be on Nadal at the forthcoming Wimbledon Championships, to see how he performs on grass. Experts feel Nadal is playing the best tennis of his life at the moment, so a repeat of last year’s final between him and Federer could have the Spanish leftie holding the Wimbledon trophy for the first time.

See a full report of the match here

2. Media News

We are often asked to contribute help and advice to the media on the topic of left-handedness, and this month LHC Club Organiser Lauren Milsom was interviewed by The Guardian, a leading UK National Newspaper, advising on the best equipment for a six year old left-hander for school.
Visit an online version of the report here

The interviewing journalist, Anbnalisa Barbieri was particularly impressed with our online videos for teaching writing and using scissors, and even mentioned them in the article. She writes "An excellent website for left-handers whatever their age, is www.anythingleft-handed.co.uk which is full of practical advice and videos (you must have a look at the writing one)."

If you have not yet viewed our videos on writing and cutting and you have children, please do so, and let us know what you think.

Watch the left handed writing video here
Watch the left handed scissors and cutting video here

Discovery Channel goes left-handed

Lauren also had a visit from a film crew yesterday, working on an interesting one-off programme for The Discovery Channel viewing left-handedness from a different angle. The programme has taken one strongly right-handed volunteer, a lady named Sue, and has asked her to spend one month doing all her everyday tasks left-handed. They want to see how difficult she finds it to use her "weaker" hand for tasks, and also to see if it is possible to train yourself to use the other hand for tasks, to the same level of expertise or ability as with your natural hand.

Having agreed to try and use her left hand for everything, the producers faced the conundrum of whether to make Sue continue using standard right handed equipment or whether to provide her with left-handed versions of everyday items, so that she has a truly equal experience.

This posed an interesting dilemma, which will be addressed in the programme. Should the experiment include the extra hurdles which we lefties automatically have to overcome in order to make our daily tasks efficient in a right-handed world, or should she have a somewhat easier path by using properly designed left-handed items? The conclusion seems to be that they would take a selection of items and let Sue try them out, using whichever ones felt easier to use as she struggled with her new-found left-handedness.

The presenter and TV Crew duly arrived at our offices and warehouse yesterday and gleefully explored our shelves of left-handed goodies for items to make Sue's task easier. We will keep you posted on the production, "What would happen if...." which is due to be aired in January 2008, when you will be able to see how well Sue fared in her task, and hopefully get an on-screen tour of our warehouse with Lauren!

3. New - Culinare One Touch automatic can opener

We have just taken delivery of this great new product that will solve can opening problems for left-and right-handers alike.

All you do is put it on top of the tin and press the button then leave it alone to take the top of the can off for you like magic!

Culinare One Touch automatic can opener

It holds itself onto the top of the can with a magnet on its base and stops automatically when it has finished. Just lift it up and the lid stays fixed to the base so you can just drop it in the bin without even needing to touch it.

It is hard to believe how well this works so Keith made a short video of it in operation so you can see what it does - Amazing!
Watch Keith's video of the Culinare One Touch in action

Video of one touch tin opener

Left handed jarspoon It has 2 AA batteries included in the package and costs just £19.95 (US Dollars 38.90). We cannot discount the price on this product but we have made up a special package for Club Members with the One Touch plus a FREE JarSpoon (choose left- or right-handed, normally £3.95 (US Dollars 7.70) - essential to get to the bottom of the can once you have opened it without getting messy!

Order your Culinare One Touch plus free JarSpoon here
(delivery cost is only £3.50 (USD 6.80anywhere in the world, or add other items to make your order over £30.00 (USD 58.50 and get free delivery worldwide)

Visit the left-handed shop home page to see the full product range

4. Coming Soon

International Left-Handers Day is Monday 13 August and we will be putting out a newsletter early in July to tell you about our plans and how you can be involved. In the meantime, we hope you will think about how to celebrate the day and maybe make others aware of it - you can find out more and get free downloads of posters and other items on our website at
www.lefthandersday.com (being updated for 2007 very soon).

Web sites and marketing - You may not be aware that, as well as helping to run Anything Left-Handed and the Left-Handers Club, Keith is very active in the Internet Marketing community, has presented at several major conferences on Search Marketing and advises other companies on developing their web businesses. Increasingly, we are getting enquiries from Club Members and others asking how we do certain things and if we can help them in any way with promoting their web sites.

This seems to be an increasing trend and we do want to help, so Keith is going to open up his Internet Resource Library free to Club members - He says "Over the past 8 years I have amassed a huge resource of information, software and eBooks on a very wide variety of subjects. As a result of many requests for help, I am putting together a membership site to make our expertise and resources available to other people and help others get started in their own Internet businesses".

The good news for Club members is that you will be able to join completely free and pick up loads of great products for nothing! Details coming in the next newsletter.

That's it for this month - we will be in touch again soon

Best wishes

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