Left Handers Club Newsletter March 2007

In this issue...
1. Left Handed Writing video
2. New Left Write writing guide for children
3. Famous left-handers born in March

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1. Left Handed Writing video

A lot of people ask us for advice on helping left handed children (and adults!) with writing and we all meet people all the time who will not believe that there is such a thing as a left-handed pen or that there is anything different about writing for left-handers.

It is not always easy to explain to people over the phone and we know from parents who have contacted us that it is sometimes a challenge to get teachers to accept it, so we have created a video to show you the problems left handers face when using the wrong techniques and equipment and how easy they are to fix. Now you can just show this to anyone else who does not understand!

We have put a lot of information in the video and will be producing it on a DVD which will be available for sale soon. In the meantime, we are making it available without charge to Club Members and we will be very interested to hear what you think of it.

Writing left handed video

Use this link to watch the video it is just over 12 minutes long - Enjoy! (you can also watch it in four shorter sections on the same page if you want. On the same page you can find out how to get completely free copies of our 3 guides for left-handed children (normally GBP 10.85, USD 21.15)

If you want to get hold of any of the writing equipment and aids featured in the video, use this link to go to the new section we have created in our shop for them all

2. New Left Write guide mat for children

A lot of people have downloaded the writing mat that we put on our LeftHandedChildren website - it shows the correct paper position, pen grip and letter formations for lefthanders.

Left Write writing guide

We have now had it produced as a full sized A3 writing mat, double-sided with plastic laminated finish (there is a guide for right-handed children on the reverse). Size is 420 x 297mm, 16.5 x 11.5 inches. The guide lines are the size of a standard A4 sheet of paper so you can just put it on top of the mat and write away.

Letter formations
Right Write guide
The guide shows the correct letter formations for left-handers and stars highlight the letters that are different
The reverse of the mat has the same guide but set out for a right-handers,
with right-handed letter formations

This writing guide mat is normally priced at UK Pounds 4.95 (US Dollars 9.65) but we want to see what you think of it so for Club Member's orders placed before the end of March it is only £2.95 and the first 250 orders will also get a free 12 inch (30cm) left-handed ruler (normally UK Pounds 1.95, USD 3.80)

As always, delivery is a fixed price of only UK Pounds 3.50 (USD 6.80) anywhere in the world, or free if you add other items and make your order over UK Pounds 30.00 (USD 58.00).

Link to the Members Only page for the Left Write mat offer

3. Famous lefty birthdays in March

Our famous left-handers section is one of the most visited areas on our website and if you are celebrating your birthday this month, you're in good company! Left-handers born in March include:

Michaelangelo - Artist (Dec'd)
Mathew Borderick - Actor
Steve McQueen - Actor & entrepreneur
Gary Oldman - Actor
Bruce Willis - Actor
Sarah Jessica Parker - Actress
Douglas Adams - Author (Dec'd)
Spike Lee - Director
Damon Albarn - Singer/songwriter
Celine Dion - Singer
Rik Mayal - comedian/writer

Use this link to see our full list of famous left-handers

Remember, keep a lookout for any celebrities writing with their left hand, and make sure you let us know about them!
Use our online form here to give us the information


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