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In this issue...

1. Left-Handers Day 2006 - August 13th
2. Survey on Left-Handers School Experiences
3 .Summer Sale
4. New left-handed products
5. Calligraphy sets £10.00 off
6. Wimbledon tennis - left handed champions

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Welcome to the June 2006 issue of your Left-Handers Newsletter.

Left-Handers Day - Sunday 13th August 2006

Want improvements for left-handers? Here's your chance!

Yes, it's time once again for your busy Left-Handers Club team to start preparing for our annual Left-Handers Day celebrations on Sunday 13th August 2006.

If you're new to the Left-Handers Club, you can find out more about previous Left-Handers Days and how you can really help increase awareness of left-handers needs by visiting our special website at www.left-handersday.com (we will be updating it for 2006 very soon)

The Left-Handers' Club represents the views of more than 50,000 left-handers worldwide - a responsibility we take very seriously. Over the years, the LHC have continued to build the profile of the annual Left-Handers Day which generates huge media attention worldwide, and is a highly effective voice for left-handers everywhere to put their point of view. - It's also a great deal of fun! We know that you value this opportunity from the number of you who support our day each year.

There is a very important way in which you can contribute to our campaign this year, and you can do it right now, without even leaving your computer! If you are of school age, or are the parent of a left-handed child, please take part in our Survey of Left-Handers School Experiences as detailed below. We need your views!

Survey on Left-Handers School Experiences

As you know, the needs of left-handed pupils in school are something we at the LHC take very seriously and we want to establish whether left-handed shoolchildren are benefiting from the many advances in teaching aids and equipment for left-handers that are now available to schools.
Left-handed pupils face a number of obstacles in many areas of the curriculum that can easily be overcome or avoided with tools and techniques that all teachers should be aware of. But are these teaching methods and tools reaching your classroom? Are you or your children benefiting from the latest handwriting practice books and writing equipment specifically for left-handers? Does your school notice children's handedness and ensure they are correctly and comfortably positioned, or that equipment is easy for them to use?


From the large number of concerned emails we receive, it would seem that many children are still struggling unnecessarily, yet we are seeing a far greater number of schools purchasing training products than ever before. So what is happening in schools today?

If you are a parent of a left-handed child we want your views. If you are a left-handed school pupil yourself, even better! (but please ask your parents permission to complete our survey, if you are under 16 years old.)

We need as many of you to complete our survey form as possible so we can get a valid picture of the support our left-handed children are currently getting from schools. It doesn't matter whether your school is brilliant, OK or really bad at considering left-handers' needs - all your views are equally important to give us a balanced view. Once we have the results, we can then assess whether there is more we can do to improve awareness in schools - and give those who support you the praise they deserve!

Click here now to complete the survey

Results will be published on Left-Handers Day, 13th August 2006 and in future Left-Handers Club newsletters

Summer Sale - 30% off everything for 2 weeks only


We have now had to close down our London shop - our lease had come to an end and the landlord wanted another huge rise in rent. With this plus spiraling business rates, congestion charging, astronomic parking charges and the ever-increasing difficulties of employing staff, we could no longer continue with it.

That is very sad after personally running the shop for more than 25 years but our activity has increasingly been via our web site and the Left-handers Club and we can now focus entirely on that!

We have had to bring back all the stock from the shop and that has left us higher than normal on some of our lines so we are offering Club Members a 30% discount on all products so we can reduce our stock and you can buy anything you wanted to try at a big discount. All items are brand new and the same as on our website and all our normal guarantees apply.

All you need to do to get your discount is enter the promotion code LHC9 in the box at the left side of our web pages and click Go then you will see the discount calculated in your basket.

At these prices some items are actually selling at less than cost so we are only going to keep this promotion code live until 12:00 noon UK time on Monday 10 July 2006 - get your order in quick so you do not miss out!

You can also still get a free left-handers notepad and 2 left-handed pencils with all orders - if you do not see the offer screen when you visit our site, click the link below then add one to your basket


New left-handed products

Here are some of the new items we have added in recent weeks - all available for the next 2 weeks at 30% off with the promotion code above. Click the images to order .

Oxford left-handed cartridge pen We have two great new ranges of left-handed pens from our manufacturer in Germany - The Oxford pen has a fully left-handed iridium nib and a snap-on cap and is available in silver or blue metallic plastic finish body and polished steel grip and ends.
Fully tested by all of us left-handers in the office we can recommend it very highly. £11.95
Cambridge left-handed cartridge pen

The Cambridge pen is similar to the Oxford but with a screw cap fitting and metallic plastic finish all over except for the stainless clip. £12.95

Both pens are supplied with one ink cartridge in the body. They take the standard 38mm universal ink cartridges or an ink adapter/converter

Pelikan blue ink cartridges in packs of 24 Our previous supplier of the Pelikan cartirdges had put the price up significantly, making the boxes of 6 ink cartridges very expensive so we have found a new supplier of exactly the same Pelikan catridges in packs of 24 at a much lower price. These 38mm universal cartridges are suitable for all of our pens. Currently in Blue ink only £2.95 per pack of 24
Left handed childrens stationery set This stationery set will help your little lefty keep their pencils organised! The items within each set match the colour of their case and with these vivid colours they will be easy to find in the bottom of any school bag.

Set includes:
17cm ruler, left handed
Pencil grip, left handed
2 hole pencil sharpener, left handed
Black pencil
Pencil case
Case size: 22cm / 8cm
- 8.5in / 3in


Calligraphy Sets £10.00 off

We have recently received some of our Deluxe Left-Handed Calligraphy sets from our supplier with a small packaging fault. The clear blister packaging has come away from the card backing but the sets themselves, and the metal tin with lid they come in, are completely undamaged and in perfect condition. Our supplier very kindly offered us a whopping 50% discount because of the damaged packaging, so we are pleased to pass these savings on to you!

Left-handed calligraphy set

Boxed set containing Deluxe Manuscript Calligrapher's Pen, with a selection of 6 left-hand italic nibs, 4 black ink cartridges and ink converter. With full instruction and nib service leaflets.

Nib sizes:

  • Fine (0.85mm)
  • Medium (1.1mm)
  • Broad (1.35mm)
  • 2B (1.6mm)
  • 3B (2.2mm)
  • 4B (2.8mm)

If you have been thinking about taking up calligraphy, now is a great opportunity to start! This complete set can now be purchased for only £7.95. That's a saving of £10 simply because the outer sales packing is not complete - an offer truly not to be missed! Don't forget that with your additional Left-Handers Club discount of 30% mentioned above, this set will be further reduced to only £5.56 for the next 2 weeks only.

To see a full description of this offer click on the image above or the text link below.
Follow this link to your discounted Deluxe Calligraphy set.

For all you calligraphers, we have now managed to get supplies of individual nibs to fit our range of Manuscript calligraphy sets. The full range of sizes as above are available at £2.95 per nib.
Click here to order
Left-handed calligraphy nibs


Wimbledon tennis - left handed champions

The Wimbledon tennis tournament has begun here in the UK today and, as usual, we will be paying particular attention to left-handed players making their mark during the fortnight. The official Wimbledon tennis site has an interesting article on left-handed champions during its history, and it seems there have been surprisingly few left-handed champions - or perhaps not so surprising when you consider left-handedness has long been discouraged in many areas - perhaps tennis playing used to be one of them?

Click here to see the article on the Wimbledon web site


That all for now. Best wishes to you all and we will be in touch again soon with more news and views

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

We enjoy receiving your emails but due to the number received we cannot always answer them all personally. We do read every one and consider them for inclusion in future newsletters or the web site.

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