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In this issue...

1. Left-handedness without hands!
2 .New left-handed cordless computer mouse
3. Left-handed slicing knives
4. Left-handed executives earn more
5. Left-handed crochet book
6. Bonus left-handers notepad and pencils

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Welcome to the May 2006 issue of your Left-Handers Newsletter.

Left-handedness without hands

There has been a lot of interest in left-handedness in nature recently, and not just among humans. Left-handers may be an exclusive bunch, but even having no hands at all doesn't prevent nature creating a lefty minority in many forms of life. For example Bill Clinton, Kermit the frog, runner beans and the amino acid L-alanine, all qualify as equally valid left handers, according to scientists.


Many news articles have picked up on a study published by the Royal Society, which has discovered, through studying almost 1,800 right and left-handed fossil snail species, that left-handed snails have a survival advantage over their dextral brothers. "Handedness" in snails is determined by whether their shell coils clockwise or anti-clockwise (creating an opening either on the left or right side) and as with other areas of nature, the left-hander is in the minority.

However, their left-handed coiling promotes survival from attacks by right-handed crabs which have shell-peeling protuberances on their right claw.

BBC Focus Magazine recently reported on handedness in climbing plants, which here is determined by the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction in which they twine up their supporting poles. Observant gardeners may have noticed that a minority of species, such as the scarlet runner bean Phosealus coccineus, twine clockwise, unlike most other species of bean.

Intriguingly, the relative numbers of clockwise/anti-clockwise twining species of climbing plants are 10 per cent and 90 per cent respectively - exactly mirroring the proportion of left and right handers among humans!


New left-handed cordless computer mouse

At last - laser precision for lefties only. The MX610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse from Logitech lets left-handed users enjoy the comfort and control of an advanced laser mouse - without compromising their natural work style. This amazing mouse is the world's first Smart Mouse that uses onboard intelligence to respond to the state of your PC. It automatically turns itself on and off in sync with your PC. Jam packed with features, no lefty should be without this fantastic new offering from Logitech and at £49.95 we think it is great value compared to other mice of this quality.

Logist left-handed laser mouse

This really is one of the best mice we have seen and it is great that they have released a left-handed version. Features include :

* Advanced laser tracking
* Side to side scrolling on roller button plus zoom
* Forward back and volume controls
* Email and IM notification lights and buttons
* USB connection with remote station

You can see more details here or you can Order your mouse here

Left handed slicing knives

Left-handed knives with the serrations on the right side of the blade have always been a very popular range as they allow us to cut straight slices for a change! The top quality Mundial bread knife has been a big hit with Club members and now they have released a range of professional quality slicing knives with the serrations on the right. They have been thoroughly tested in the Milsom kitchen and we can recommend them very highly.

Left handed slicing knives

8inch blade £13.95

10 inch

12 inch


There serrated slicers are made from high carbon stainless steel and ergonomic non-slip grips ensure comfortable and safe use.

LHC member offer - order any two of these knives and get the lower priced one at half price.
Follow this link to order your knives and the discount will show in your basket

Left Handed executives earn more

This month has also seen renewed interest in a report published last year, which finds that left-handed executives earn, on average, 5% more than their right-handed counterparts. We featured this study in our November 2005 issue, but the media have picked up on it once again, and last month our official spokesperson (Lauren) was in great demand to talk to journalists, and appear on radio and TV interviews on the subject, including CNN Breakfast News - your Left-Handers Club is truly global!

The study reveals that the earning power of left-handed men is greater than that of men who are right-handed. Certain professions are particularly suited to the traits of left-handers, who have often been cited as making excellent entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, and politicans like Bill Clinton. Clinton was actually the third left-handed president in a row after George Bush and his predecessor Ronald Reagan.

This backs up psychological evidence suggesting left-handers are more creative and neurological studies that have shown that male left-handers are better at thinking 'outside the box' than their right-handed counterparts and are also better able to deal with new situations. This gives them better ability to adapt to previously unknown situations.

Another explanation for the possible advantage enjoyed by left-handers may have to do with the structure of the brain. The main connection between the two hemispheres of the brain is the corpus callosum, a thick band of tissue which has been found to be larger in left-handed men, which could allow more rapid thought processes. This may also explain why the findings only relate to men. Unfortunately left-handed women were found to earn 4% less than women who were right-handed.

The Economic Consequences of being Left-handed : Some Sinister Results by Kevin Denny and Vincent O’Sullivan.

Left-handed crochet book

We get lots of requests for information on left-handed knitting, crochet and needlecraft so it is good to see a new book on crochet has included all instructions and diagrams in both right-handed and left-handed format.

We think this should be encouraged so we are happy to recommend Claire Bojczuk's book. It is A5 size with 64 pages covering all the basic techniques with clear diagrams and instructions plus lots of information on yarns and hooks. It also has detailed instructions for 11 different projects including a hair scrunchie, chevron scarf and t-shirt edgings.

Order your crochet book at £6.99 per copy

Left-handed crochet

We are going to develop our range of information on left-handed knitting and sewing and produce some resource pages with links to good web sites so if you know of any good pages we should link to please
send us an email to enquiries@anythingleft-handed.co.uk

Bonus Left-handers notepad and pencils

Left-handers notepad

In case you have not noticed, we are currently giving away a left-handers notepad and 2 of our new left-handed pencils free with every order.

Our exclusive notepad has a left hand watermark on every page and is glued down the right-hand side for easy removal of sheets while writing with the left hand. 50 sheets/pad 100mm x 150mm (4 in x 6 in). Pencils are printed the correct way round so the slogan can be read with the pencil held in the left-hand.
It's a left-handed thing... You wouldn't understand!

Left handed pencils

You will see the offer graphic when you enter our online shop or
Follow this link to start a basket with your free pad and pencils


Best wishes to you all and we will be in touch again soon with more news and views

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at the Left-Handers Club

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